US retail crypto interest surges rapidly despite bearish sentiment: Report


A study revealed that the US population showed 44% increment in the crypto investment interest between Q1 2022 to Q2 2022. 

Crypto adoption surges continuously because people are looking for those options which can make them rich in a very small interval of time and they are finding Bitcoin & Ethereum like crypto assets as the best choice over Gold & Silver-like assets, thanks to the decentralized nature of digital assets & their ability to provide better payment system.

Recently Crypto Pulse conducted a survey of on28,000 institutional and retail investors across 23 countries. And the survey was an initiative of the popular digital assets exchange Bitstamp.

According to the survey report, 44% of US retail investors confirmed that they invested some funds in crypto assets, which was net 44% increase over the first quarter. Over the Q1 to Q2 time frame, US retail investors found that crypto assets are genuine assets to invest money and this number increased from 61% in Q1 2022 to 73%.

Now the increase of Trust in crypto among the retail investors of Canada, South America, Chile & Mexico is 50%, 77%, 69% & 70% respectively.

However net increment in the trust in crypto surged in the majority of the countries but still, 44% of the retail investors said that there is a need for crypto & blockchain education because people don’t know much about this innovative industry, so it is hard for them to get start perfectly.

The survey noted that financial institutions also showed a significant inclination toward the crypto industry and the majority of them suggested crypto investment to their clients. Around 69% of US institutions suggested their clients to invest in crypto, while the same % was 78%, 72%, and 71% for the financial institutions of Mexico, Brazil & Argentina respectively.

Around one out of four financial institutions confirmed that they will add crypto as a primary investment option for their clients. 

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