US SEC may delay ETH spot ETF registration for up to 3 months 


Experts say now it is all upon the SEC’s intention whether they will green signal trading of ETH spot ETF products in the next few weeks or several months.

Last week, the United States Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) approved the proposed 8 Ethereum spot ETF applications. Now the ETH ETF issuers are waiting for the regulatory approval from the SEC to start the trading of the proposed ETF on the stock exchanges.

Now in this phase, no one has a clue how much time will be consumed by the US SEC to green signal the trading of these crypto ETF products. 

Following such speculations, ETF store president Nate Geraci shared his opinion and said that while it is true that no one has a clue how much delay will be seen, we can expect that the SEC body may take a few weeks to  3 months to complete the ETH spot ETF trading registration.

Furthermore, Nate also added that it all depends upon the SEC’s intention as they are already experienced in crypto ETF product approval. 

Following this statement by Nate, Bloomberg ETF expert Eric Balchunas said that we can consider 4 July 2024 as an important date for the potential outcome from the end of the SEC body but Nate showed partial support to Eric’s prediction.

Here all the readers need to understand that all these things are only part of speculations among the top ETF experts and also people need to understand that so far no official statement or information came to the public domain by the end of the American securities regulatory body. So don’t consider the shared information for financial advice.

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