US senator submits proposal to allow crypto payments in Capitol Complex


Ted Cruz submitted a proposal to allow the crypto payments operations in the Capitol complex to bring advancement in the payment system. 

Crypto adoption is increasing among the countries’ citizens, not in the government authorities. However, there are few senators in the US, which are supporting the Bitcoin-like decentralized assets market. But it is rare to have a Senator in the United States who can support the adoption by challenging the existing laws, which prohibit crypto use at their best.

But in the latest, Ted Cruz from Texas decided to involve crypto assets based payment systems in the Capitol complex. For this, Ted applied to get approval from the regulatory body in the Capitol Complex. 

As per existing rules, the regulatory bodies which are taking care of the administration of the Capitol Complex, are not allowing the involvement of crypto payment systems. But Ted’ initiative is to bring the use of crypto payments in all gift shops, restaurants and vending machines situated within the Capitol Complex. 

According to Ted, Congress should accept his proposal because his proposal is not only a request to approve the crypto payment system but it is a sign of the need for the advancement & modernization of the payment system with the adoption of blockchain technology innovation. 

In an interview with Breitbart News, Ted said that there are numbers of people who are willing to pay in crypto and also the numbers of crypto merchants are increasing. So it will be better to bring such rules & regulations to use the crypto for payment purposes. 

Ted Cruz on Bitcoin mining 

Earlier this, Ted shared his thoughts on the better use of the wastes of natural gas. He said that we can use it for the generation of power to support the electricity grids in Texas and also we can use it in bitcoin mining. 

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