USA Restaurants Will Start Accepting Bitcoin for Payment

The CEO of Landry’s INC., Tilman Fertitta has recently told in a CNBC interview that the restaurant chain in the United States of America will start accepting payment in Bitcoins later in the year.

Landry’s INC. is a private organization that controls multi-brand dining, hospitality, gaming corporation, and other entertainment-related companies in the USA. As mentioned by Mr. Fertitta this thing will be applied in some locations of Mastro’s. Companies like Bubba Gump Shrimp Co., The Steakhouse, and Morton’s will join this movement soon after the application.

The CEO of the organization who also owns an NBA team named Houston Rockets discussed cryptocurrency transactions and said that it is here to stay. Soon after the interview with CNBC food joints such as Healthy Joe’s, Superfit Foods, Muscle Maker Grill and MMG Burger Bar have announced that they will accept payment made by Bitcoins as an alternative of payment done by using a Credit card, Debit card, or Cash.

Other than buying food and beverages one can also purchase properties with the help of cryptocurrencies. MercadoLibre which is an Argentinian e-commerce marketplace has announced that it will offer people to buy land, houses, and a lot of properties in cities like Buenos Aires, Cordoba, and Santa Fe.

Recently MercadoLibre has organized a webinar to tell the viewers about the growing role of cryptocurrencies in terms of digital assets. As the food chains in the USA and companies like MercadoLibre have started accepting cryptocurrencies, the number of organizations that consider cryptocurrencies as a payment method is increasing with time.

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