Vast National Bank allow Bitcoin Buy directly

A Tiny Oklahoma Bank Is allowing customers to buy crypto in Its mobile app

Crypto adoption is increasing day by day. All the companies & firms who know the potential of Bitcoin & other flagship crypto assets are bringing their services related with the crypto. Even banks are not lagging behind in this era of blockchain adoption. 

Vast Bank is an Okla based bank. They are now ready to bring crypto purchase facilities for their users. Vast bank is formerly known as Valley National Bank. 

Vast bank has already planned since the first half to bring crypto purchases for their customers. Now all their customers can buy more than 7 crypto assets including Bitcoin directly with the use of their banking mobile application. Users also can see the balance of the bank accounts & crypto assets account directly at the same place. 

Brad Scrivner, CEO of Vast bank, stated 

“I believe that crypto is going to essentially become this feature within banking”

Brad also emphasized at the important point with the consideration of a survey where 60% people are still not interested in crypto because they want crypto purchase facilities through the bank directly. So brad believes that crypto buy features will be a mandatory feature for the customers of every bank. 

“You’ve probably seen the surveys that have said 60% of folks that haven’t engaged with crypto yet are saying they would like to, but they’d like to do it through their bank”

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