Vietnam Government Move Toward Blockchain & Cryptocurrency Use By Next Two Year

The Prime Minister of Vietnam claimed that Digitisation of money is inevitable, so they will allow their citizens to use Cryptocurrency based on Blockchain technology.

The Vietnam Government banned bitcoin payment and other Cryptocurrency in 2017 through all possible ways. But now the government of Vietnam is ready to take steps in legalisation of Cryptocurrency through a regulation rule.

The Phnom Penh reported on 4 July, Pham Minh Chinh, who is prime minister of Vietnam, ordered to make regulation rules to pilot Cryptocurrencies which are based in Blockchain Technology by next two year.

Here it should be noticed that, It isn’t an instant decision by the prime minister of Vietnam but already in May the ministry of finance created a team to analyse & make rules & regulations about Cryptocurrency use.

The whole initiative strategy about the Cryptocurrency & blockchain idea was started by the prime minister of Vietnam and now they aim to implement the use of Cryptocurrency by next two year.

Also a 67 year old leader of Vietnam, who is leading communist party, stated about Blockchain Technology and Cryptocurrency.

He said, “digitisation is inevitable”. Since there is Cryptocurrency which can be used at perfect level but there are many things which are associated with the use of blockchain Technology that can be used in a better and perfect way.

Apart from Cryptocurrency use, we will focus on development of projects based on Blockchain technology, augment reality and also focus on implementing cutting-edge technologies such as big data.

Here one thing we can see, those countries which banned Cryptocurrency use, now looking forward to Legalise & regulate them. Probably every countries government  who are looking to ban or don’t want take sudden decision on Cryptocurrency can see the potential of blockchain technology.

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