Visa launches crypto consulting service to push adoption


Giant payment network firm, Visa announced its initiative to push crypto adoption among the merchants, who want to go with crypto.

In the present time, crypto payments are taking a better place in the industry where payments are a mandatory part. In particular, international companies, firms, and merchants are giving preference to using crypto-backed payment systems to get a faster settlement process. However, not all of them can get into crypto because of lots of government rules and panic because of crypto liquidity. So to overcome from these types of things and push people toward the crypto-backed payment system, Visa is going to start its new service. 

On 8 December, Visa company said that they are launching consulting and advisory services. This initiative will guide all their clients to understand how they can handle the crypto-backed payment easily without any issues. 

This initiative of the Visa company will not remain inclined to give suggestions and ideas to the clients but many types of possible things that are possible in this crypto and blockchain industry. 

In particular, Visa will give consultation service to the financial institutions, retailers, and other firms for their initiative of the crypto payments, Non-fungible & collectibles based startup, crypto or Central Bank Digital Currency (CBDCs) wallet for their businesses.

Regarding a recent study case, the Visa company said that around 40% of the crypto holders are willing to go all-in crypto to accept payments and do all the things outside the traditional banking system-based services. 

“Crypto investors are likely to switch their primary bank to one that offers crypto-related products in the next 12 months.”

UMB is an American financial services company and also a client of the crypto advisory division of Visa. UMB said that they came to Visa because they want to understand the perfect and reliable use case of the crypto, blockchain, and stable coins for the payment and business settlement process.

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