WazirX Listed pNetwork (PNT) and Conduct Grand $14200 Worth PNT Giveaway

pNetwork (PNT) is listed on one of India’s top cryptocurrency exchanges, WazirX. PNT was listed on 14 July 2021. Users can buy, sell, trade PNTin the INR and USDT market. To celebrate this listing pNetwork (PNT) partnered with WazirX to conduct a $14,200 worth giveaway via a host of activities. 

WazirX is a cryptocurrency exchange that allows its users to buy, sell, and trade cryptocurrencies. Users can deposit/withdraw cryptocurrencies and perform INR deposits and withdrawals with amazing ease and speed. Users can securely store their digital assets in their WazirX wallet.

What about PNT Deposits & Withdrawals?

PNT is a part of the WazirX Rapid Listing Initiative. Hence, WazirX will start PNT trading by enabling its deposits and withdrawals via WazirX <> Binance inter-wallet transfer option.

What does it mean for you?

Deposits — You can deposit PNT from Binance wallet to WazirX.

Trading — You will be able to buy, sell, trade PNT in our INR and USDT market. When you buy PNT, it will appear in your “Funds”.

Withdrawals — You can withdraw PNT from the WazirX wallet to Binance.

Don’t worry, you’ll be able to deposit/withdraw PNT from other wallets very soon. Read more about the Rapid Listing Initiative here.

Giveaway Schedule

Wednesday, 14th July: AMA with Michele Montecchi and Andrea Fortugno. Learn everything about PNT and win total prizes of $150.

Thursday, 15th July: YouTube Live with Thomas Bertani, CEO of pNetwork. 

Friday, 16th July: Quiz in our Telegram group with prizes of $500. Show off your PNT knowledge in a fun quiz session and win.

Monday, 19th July: Trivia on WazirX Instagram page with prizes of $50. Learn interesting trivia about PNT and win.

Monday, 19th July — Wednesday, 21st July: 48-hour long Highest Trader Kaun Marathon with prizes of ₹10,35,000 ($13,500) worth PNT for top 200 traders.


We are hosting a fun quiz session about pNetwork in the WazirX Telegram group. Show off your pNetwork knowledge and win prizes.

When: Friday, 16th July, 6 PM IST

How to participate?

Join the WazirX Telegram group

There will be a total of 10 questions

Choose the correct answer


🏅 1st prize: $100

🏅 2nd – 5th prize: $50 each

🏅 6th – 10th prize: $20 each

🏅 11th – 20th prize: $10 each

Reading resources:




Do you such as Bitcoin on Ethereum and think you know enough about PNT? Find out in our PNT trivia contest on WazirX Instagram!

When: Monday, 19th July, 12 PM IST

How to participate?

Follow us on Instagram

We’ll share 5 questions on Instagram Story

Choose the correct answer


🏅 For every question, one lucky winner from all the correct answers will win 15 PNT.

Highest Trader Kaun Marathon: PNT/INR

Get ready for a non-stop 48-hour long trading contest with more prizes and more chances to win!

How to participate?

The trading contest will start from 19th July, 9 AM IST onwards until 21st July, 9 AM IST.

You can participate in the contest any time between Monday and Wednesday.

Total prize of ₹10,35,000 (~ $13,500) worth PNT! You can win prizes based on your trading performance for the entire 48-hours.

Contest timing (IST): Monday, 19th July, 9 AM — Wednesday, 21st July, 9 AM

WazirX Listed pNetwork (PNT) and Conduct Grand $14200 Worth PNT Giveaway 1

About PNT

pNetwork is a solution enabling cross-chain interactions between dApps on multiple networks.

It provides a way for moving assets from one blockchain to another, such as Bitcoin on Ethereum and many others. This is done via pTokens – 1:1 pegged representations of underlying assets on another blockchain.

Moreover, not only assets can be moved cross-chain, but also NFTs and cross-chain transfers, and smart contract interactions.

pNetwork is a progressively decentralized platform and managed via a DAO where users can stake PNT and get proportional voting rights. Those active in the DAO get an opportunity to shape the fate of the project and can also earn up to 42% APY.

  • Trading Price (at the time of writing): $0.67
  • Global Market Cap (at the time of writing): $22,812,836
  • Global Trading Volume (at the time of writing): $6,996,627
  • Circulating Supply: 1,376,542.83 PNT
  • Total Supply: 78,981,749 PNT

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Happy Trading! 

Note: For the entire giveaway, the PNT price will be considered at $0.67, i.e., ₹51.67 and all prizes will be distributed by 4th August 2021.