we have moved mountains together but critics are not looking at those achievements, says Hoskinson


Charles Hoskinson responded against a Cardano & Ripple critic and said that the critic is not looking at what the Cardano project team did in the past. 

Charles Hoskinson is the founder of Cardano blockchain and he is also one of the co-founders of Ethereum blockchain. In the initial phase of the Ethereum project progress, Hoskinson left the project because he disagreed with the Ethereum project team. Hoskinson launched the Cardano project as a rival of the Ethereum blockchain but Cardano is different from Ethereum because Cardano is a commercially focused project while Ethereum is a public blockchain.

On 10 November 2021, a Twitter user @Pentosh1 tweeted that it is best for any crypto project to maintain hope among the project customers by delivering nothing.

In particular, that guy dragged Ripple (XRP) & Cardano (ADA) under his worst crypto project startup example, which delivered nothing but still promised to deliver many things.

“My best advice if you’re starting a crypto project is to never, ever deliver. Empty promises are the best FA. Look at $XRP and $ADA. Over promise, under deliver, and never deliver. Then people always have something to look forward to. Delivering takes away hope.”

However this tweet is approximately one year old but still, Cardano founder Charles Hoskinson quoted and responded on 2 October 2022 and said that the project team of Cardano delivered huge over every year but he is not able to understand how these people dared to write such things without seeing the actual work that happened.

After this response of the Cardano founder, a few people dragged Cardano badly under criticism but still few Cardano supporters supported Cardano blockchain through tweet comments and explained the technical uniqueness of the Cardano blockchain, like Cardano’ better staking System, the eutxo model which is more efficient because of the elimination of extra additional working mechanism over Bitcoin or Ethereum and many more.

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