We must open our schools to teach the crypto & blockchain: New York Mayor


The New York mayor shared his stance on crypto education and suggested opening schools to teach about technology. 

In an interview with CNN’s State of the Union, Elect Eric Adams– New York Mayor- talked about his support for the crypto industry. According to Eric, all schools should be open to teaching their students about the technology (Crypto & blockchain) that can be used for goods and services payment.

“We must open our schools to teach technology, to teach this new way of thinking.”

This statement of Eric indicated that they are looking at crypto & blockchain technology as a new advanced tool that can replace the existing payment system. 

Eric asserted that there is a huge need for crypto. Eric said that once he started to talk about crypto among the Young people then those people said “What is that?’

Eric also said that New York will move toward huge digitalisation with the Bitcoin & Blockchain technology use cases. And also urged the business of New York,  remain ready to accept Bitcoin because they would make it tread carefully” and “get it right. Eric also said that New York will be the centre of innovation, no matter what the innovation is. 

The whole interview of Eric indicated that Eric is in full support of the crypto industry and they are also stating the same things that social media is expecting from the New York Mayor. 

Many people on Social media appreciated the initiative & plan of Eric Mayor but there were many people, who criticized Eric for his initiative of Bitcoin & Blockchain education. Few claimed that Schools needed to teach all the necessary subjects first, then they thought about it. And few stated that, if students will get education in Bitcoin, then they will move toward investment instead of education. 

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