Web3 getting unsupported by former Twitter CEO and Elon Musk

Jack Dorsey and Elon Musk show a lack of interest in the Web3 concept. Jack hinted that Web3 is not that thing for which people are expecting.

The whole internet is witness how we changed from the initial phase of the development to this level and still, we are achieving huge development works through innovation and innovative technologies and concepts. The whole internet is fully decentralized to get access to information about many types of things and almost everyone is free to use the internet for educational purposes. 

In the present time, the Internet world is trying to move towards the web3 revolutionary concept, where blockchain technology has an important role to ensure the privacy and data of users. 

However, the origin of the web3 concept is based on the ideology to give power to the users over companies. But recent responses of block founder Jack Dorsey and Tesla CEO Elon Musk showed that they are sceptical about the existence of web3. 

In the last few year Jack Dorsey showed his full bullish nature for Bitcoin and blockchain technology. And he supported Bitcoin as a rival of the US dollar. But at the same time, he is not seeing web3 as a new beneficial concept for people.

Ethereum supporter Farokh told Dorsey that if Jack will get out from the bubble ( Bitcoin only support) then he will be able to see the web3 development works and also opportunities that Web3 have. He added:

“Yo Jack I promise if you look outside of your bubble of rich dudes you’ll see that creators are building web3 and a whole revolution in the form of a digital renaissance. Come say hi or listen in on our conversations, the NFT space is filled with geniuses.”

On this, Justin Taylor- head of marketing at the Twitter company, supported former CEO Jack and said that Web3 will be operated by the big companies ( sounds centralization of the operations). Taylor wrote:

“You buy ETH on coinbase, transfer it to MetaMask, and buy an Adidas bored ape nft on the open sea. The decentralized “web3” is centralized into being run by corporations at a startling rate. I think he has some fair points.”

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