What is Phishing Attack? How to prevent Phishing?


What is Phishing?

Phishing is a type of hacking technique used by attackers to collect the sensitive information of someone like passwords, private keys, credit card details and so on.

It is also known as social engineering attack as it occurred due to human carelessness.

Attackers use the reputed companies similar looking emails, websites interfaces, URLs to fool the users and will steal the sensitive information from users.

Phishing attack

Types of Phishing?

There are some most popular types of phishing attacks are given below:

1. Spear Phishing

In this type of attack, the attackers target the specific person or organization.

Attackers first collect some information about the target then creates a message from the collected information by which they have more chances of getting success in phishing the target.

2. Clone Phishing

Attackers first view the previously sent legitimate email message or file then modify or corrupt it by creating similar looking new one which contains the malicious file or link to redirect the user to the malicious websites.

3. Whaling

It is a spear phishing attack where attackers target the most important profiles.

Attackers target only the chief members such as chief executives or government officials.

In this attack the most legal communications used by attackers such as customer complaint.

How to Prevent Phishing?

  • Check the URLs correctly as in most of the cases attackers used the similar looking URL to fool the users. Confirms the spell or characters in URL with surety before providing your personal details on the website.
  • Do not click on unknown links, check their redirected URL every-time by hover the mouse over the link before clicking on them.
  • Do not respond to the emails coming from an unknown sender, check their mail server URL every-time.
  • Keep your private keys offline as much as possible, if you want to share your private keys then make sure you are using the legitimate software or site and triple check them before sharing.
  • Do not download the software or files from untrusted websites. If you are a torrent user then you should have an antivirus to scan the downloaded files.
  • Free Airdrops is the most common way in crypto to steal your private information, so try to avoid yourself from free airdrops.
  • Some Attackers act as a legitimate member of the customer support team of the company and they try to steal your important information from you. So, please do not share your any private info to anyone.

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