Wikipedia is confused to classify NFT as “art sales” or “NFT sales

A debate is going on Wikipedia, whether NFTs are arts sales or NFTs sales, to give exact information to the internet users for respective articles. 

Wikipedia is a 100% free platform for internet users, where almost every piece of information remains available and everyone can surf the information free of cost, and mainly there are no ads on Wikipedia. Wikipedia is working on the support of worldwide donations funding. 

In December 2021, a debate was started by a few editors on Wikipedia, whether to categorize NFTs as “art sales” or “NFTs sales”. The majority of the editors weren’t in favour of classifying NFTs as art sales. However one out of 5 editors was in support to list NFTs sales in the artwork sales. 

Jonas, a Wikipedia-free editor, wrote that it is not the business of Wikipedia to decide whether NFTs are artwork or not. He added:

“Wikipedia really can’t be in the business of deciding what counts as art or not, which is why putting NFTs, art or not, in their list makes things a lot simpler

Besides all these things, the actual policy of Wikipedia guidelines is not giving authority to any person, entity to figure out a category or class for any particular thing on Wikipedia. So obviously bots or Wikipedia will do much better, as per provided data. 

But here the majority of the debates on this matter ended up with the conclusion that not much enough information is available about this thing and also we can’t directly call it an artwork but on the other side we can’t call it a token, because it wears both the qualities in different ways. 

Griffin Cock Foster, the co-founder at Nifty Gateway, is popularly known as an NFTs industry proponent. Cock also shared his stance earlier today through Twitter. 

Cock hinted that there should be a separate class for NFTs because Wikipedia failed to categorize them. 

“This is pretty messed up to see – Wikipedia mods are trying to say that *no* NFT can be art — as in, if it’s an NFT, it can’t be classified as art.”

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