World coin insider discloses several misconduct operations behind the project


A former World Coin team worker disclosed several unlawful activities behind the project.

World Coin (WLD) is a new crypto project, launched nearly 35 days ago globally. OpenAI CEO Sam Altman is the main co-founder of this project or we can say that the world coin crypto project grabbed huge popularity because of the presence of Sam Altman in this project as a key role. The project team ignores the US crypto market. The main vision of this project is to bring a highly decentralised level of human identity verification system. 

On 23 Aug 2023, A person by the name of Nadir Hajarabi published a video on YouTube and claimed that he was working on the World Coin project and left the project just before the launch day. 

This former World Coin project insider claimed that World Coin Project’s activities are either reckless or illegal, as they are playing with the people’s identity without any high-level safety measures.

The majority of the social media presence (LinkedIn, Twitter, YouTube, etc.) by this person shows that he is not lying & also was affiliated with the World Coin project in the past.

Days after the launch of this crypto coin, the UK authorities started their investigations against the World Coin Project. The UK’s enforcement agencies reportedly said that a third party company paid money for the people’s sensitive identity and that was suspicious under the purview of the investigators.

Recently Kenya emerged as a hater of this crypto project. They shut down the activities of the World Coin project in the country.

Following the launch of this project, Ethereum co-founder Vitalik Buterin also supported this project & said that the crypto sector needs such projects.

WLD coin price action 

The current trade price of Wld coin is $1.22 and this trade price is nearly 50% down over the last 30 days of trade price.

In the last 24 hours, the trade price of this coin plunged by nearly 6%, enough to understand the trust level of this project in the crypto sector.

World coin insider discloses several misconduct operations behind the project 1

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