World’s top gym Equinox adds support for crypto payment

The world’s luxurious Gym entered in race of crypto adoption with the crypto payment options for the customers. 

Crypto adoption is surging rapidly day by day because of the better potential of crypto because of decentralized blockchain technology. In 2021, Many businesses jumped in support of crypto payment methods to grab traction in the world. 

On 1 May, New York Post reported that Equinox established a partnership with crypto payment company BitPay to accept payments in Cryptocurrencies.

However, it is unclear, which crypto assets will be accepted by Equinox but reports supposed that flagship assets will be the main target.

Equinox is an American luxury fitness company. This company was founded around 30 years ago. Now with the latest initiative, Gym will be able to collect payments through crypto methods via Bitpay. Alternatively, we can say that citizens of New York will get an alternative method to pay their fees.

This company collects around $500 per month from every customer, thanks to its luxurious features and facilities, which provides empty locker rooms and full-body showers with temperature controls.

Bitpay’s role in crypto adoption

No doubt that crypto assets are enough in itself to get access to trade and transfer under the decentralized medium but here crypto payment companies are playing an important role to push the adoption.

Usually, it remains very tough for businesses to accept payments in volatile crypto assets, so in such situations, instant crypto payment swap features are needed. 

Bitpay provides this service for its customers, which includes small and big businesses across the world accepting payments in Cryptocurrencies. 

For the users, Bitpay allows them to buy crypto assets with zero fees, but for a limited time as a part of promotion. This bitcoin payment company was founded in 2011 and now this company is standing with better trust.

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