X & Dogecoin insider confirms X will launch “X payments” later this year 


The whole Dogecoin crypto community reacted to the latest “X payments” news and also the trade price of Dogecoin reacted accordingly. 

“X payments” is a financial transaction service on the “X” platform (formerly Twitter). It will allow users to transfer money, tip creators, and make purchases directly within the app, aiming to create a versatile, integrated digital ecosystem. This move is part of a trend toward “super apps” that offer multiple services in one application.

So far, X Payments secured payment licences in more than 22 out of 50 US states. 

On 17 May 2024, A X user @cb_doge, a Dogecoin team member & X insider, reported that X payments will be launched by X later this year. 

Following this news, many crypto & non-crypto people started discussions around X payments & possibility of Dogecoin integration into the payment system. 

Because of this tweet, the trade price of Dogecoin showed a new small peak yesterday. The current trade price of Dogecoin is $0.15 & this trade price is 7% higher over the last 7 days period.

X & Dogecoin insider confirms X will launch “X payments” later this year  1

Earlier in the past, X owner Elon Musk already confirmed that he or his company would never launch or create any Cryptocurrency. 

Musk has been a big fan of Dogecoin since 2020. In 2021, Musk said that Dogecoin would be the best payment Cryptocurrency in the future if this sector succeeds in survival. 

Once, Musk said that he owns Bitcoin, Dogecoin, & Ethereum in his portfolio. He explained to his followers not to invest in multiple cryptocurrencies because it may end up in huge losses. 

Under the influence of Musk, Dogecoin surged by 200-fold between 2020 to 2021 but later crashed badly. 

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