109.1 Million XLM transferred to Coinbase from Unknown Wallets, XLM surge

A huge amount of XLM transaction took place from any anonymous wallet to the Coinbase Exchange. The price of XLM showing small surge.

When it comes to the rival of Ripple, then it is XLM ( Steller). The Chief technology officer, Jed McCaleb,  of XLM also worked in Ripple project but later due to some issues he left the project and worked on XLM project to develop a better digital token then Ripple. 

According to the details provided by the whale bot alert, a big amount of XLM coin transactions made from an anonymous wallet to the U.S based crypto exchange, Coinbase. 

The total amount transferred to the Coinbase constituted by the unregistered owner is 51,460,570 XLM And the worth of this huge amount of XLM is around $19,684,672 USD (at current price of XLM). This huge amount of transactions took place in the last 24 hours, as per whale report. The total worth of the transferred amount of the XLM is around $41,455,529. 

This didn’t result in any negative impact on the market of XLM coin. But the price in the XLM coin can be seen. At the time of writing this article, the price of XLM is $0.38 as per coinmarketcap data. This is a 3% rise in the XLM coin’s price in the last 24 hours. 

The all-time high of 2021 of the XLM coin is $0.73, which was hitted on 16 May. While the all -time high in 2018 was $0.938 on 4 January.

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