Strike send $10 To Nigeria In A “Free, Instant, Non-Reversible” Way : Watch Jack Mallers

Watch Jack Mallers shows the power of the Strike app through the use of the Bitcoin lightning network concept. He sent $10 to Nigeria with very high ease.

Recently the Strike app came into light when they opened the option of the Bitcoin Lightning network fully in use. Now it is again getting huge attention because of the use case of Strike through the Bitcoin Lightning network.

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Watch Jack Mallers send $10 in Nigeria. Jack used the Strike app which is currently running on the Bitcoin lightning network to facilitate Bitcoin transactions easily. Jack sent that Bitcoin amount to the Bitnob. 

Bitnob also supports the Bitcoin lightning network and is also integrated with the Nigerian banking system. 

It should be noticed that Bitnob and Strike are not commercial under partnership or integration of the services, but as both of them are running on the same rail, so it is very easy to facilitate the Bitcoin transaction between strike & Bitnob. 

Bitnob directly converts that fund into Naira ( NGN) to reflect in the bank account of the users.

Jack Mallers said that they are now free to facilitate transactions between Nigerian, U.S & Ghana. He shared this moment on twitter. And claimed that they might be witnessing “monetary history”.

Recently, Nigeria came into light when the Nigerians did a huge record breaking trade in Bitcoin P2P mode with around $24.87M. Surely this is the indication of how the Nigerian crypto Community is moving towards crypto adoption

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