11% Australian Crypto trader are women : Survey

A survey conducted among the Australian citizens and it is found that most of the crypto traders have beliefs with the Bitcoin that in the future it can replace fiat.

A latest survey published by finder.com. This survey was conducted by Qualtrics on 1000 Australians.

This latest survey published on 2 September, this survey report reveals that there is a total $8 billion Investment in crypto by Australia. And one out of the 6 people have Investment in the crypto assets.

The most invested crypto was Bitcoin. Around 9% people hold Bitcoin. 8% Holding Ethereum, 5% holding DogeCoin and 4% holding Bitcoin Cash ( BCH). 

Researchers of this survey report said that they are shocked that 35% of people in this Survey have belief that in the future Bitcoin will get more boost in the transaction over fiat currency. Overall they mean that Bitcoin will overtake fiat currency system by 2050.

11% Australian Crypto trader are women : Survey 1

In the respondents, 50% believes that Bitcoin is a most legitimate asset to invest than any other crypto asset.

And in terms of gender, there are around twice the population of male crypto traders over women ( 23% : 11% ). 

49% of respondents claimed that they will not invest in crypto and nothing can force them to invest in crypto. 

While 32% of the respondents said that either they will save their money in a Saving bank or move into stocks.  

A big research also revealed through this survey, there is a lack of crypto education among the Australian citizens. Around 28% responded that they will invest if they will come to know how it works. While 18% say they will invest if they come to know how to invest in crypto.

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