Inland Revenue Service caughted bitcoin Drug dealer through honeytrap

A sting operation of the IRS caughted a drug dealer. Drug dealer was selling 1.59 BTC for just $15,040. 

When it comes to crypto then most of the people think that they can do transactions anonymously but in actual not. On the Darknet, almost all types of illegal work happen but the main idea to catch such drug dealers came from the honeytrap instead of tracking the transaction details.

This story was shared by Forbes of a case, where they explained how an undercover officer caughted a drug dealer through a honey trap.

A secret undercover agent of the IRS, with the name “Mr. Coins’ ‘ created his account at for P2P trading. And he offers to buy crypto at above the market price.

“In June of last year, Mr. Coins put up an advertisement offering to buy bitcoin via cash by mail and above market prices. All sellers had to do was get in touch over encrypted messaging apps Wickr or WhatsApp.”

Soon, MR.Coins found “Lucifallen21”, who was a drug dealer. Mr.Coins bought crypto from Lucifallen21. Officer got information through Chase Hite of Evansville, Indiana. And that guy agreed to deal 1.59 btc for only $150,00 cash offline, in June.

“By July, he’d agreed to buy from Mr. Coins, wrapping up $15,040 in cash in clothes, putting the money in a box and posting it to the agent in exchange for approximately 1.59 bitcoin, according to the government’s account.”

And another deal happened in August, where that drug dealer did a deal of  1.34 Bitcoin and 45.2 Monero for $20,000. 

In March 2021, the IRS sent a tracking cash package and identified the mobile number of the drug dealer. Through the mobile numbers tracking, they find that “Lucifallen21” was involved in the dealing of illegal things like darknet drug deals, including selling cocaine and marijuana. And then later all formality has been done by the IRS to arrest the drug dealer by July.

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