4 important phases that will impact Bitcoin trade price before & after  “Bitcoin halving”


As we know Bitcoin halving will take place somewhere in April of the next year i.e. nearly 5.5 months remain. In the present time, the majority of retail investors are looking only toward April month while they are failing to understand the importance of the pre & post bitcoin halving phase. 

According to past Bitcoin halving events, Bitcoin will go through 4 important phases, namely the Pre-Halving period, Pre-Halving rally, Pre-Halving retrace, and Re-accumulation before pump parabolic pump.

Pre-Halving period 

In this phase, the trade price of bitcoin will face a big correction and that will be an opportunity to buy some fraction of Bitcoin for the investors to enjoy the high amount of gain in the near Bitcoin halving phase.

Pre-Halving Rally 

This phase occurs just 2 months before the Bitcoin halving event and usually, new investors buy Bitcoin in this phase because of Bitcoin halving hype.

In this phase, investors are suggested to keep Bitcoin investment only in mind & ignore the hype.

Pre-Halving retrace

This phase occurs very near to the Bitcoin halving event, a few weeks to a month before halving.

In this phase, Bitcoin trade price crashes 20-30% and that creates fear among the investors whether to buy or not. 

We suggest people take this phase as a last opportunity to accumulate more Bitcoin before Bitcoin halving event.

In 2016, in the Pre-halving phase, the Bitcoin trade price retrace was -38% deep, and in 2020, the retrace was -20% deep.


This phase occurred after the Bitcoin halving event and the majority of the people who invested money in Bitcoin months before the Bitcoin halving event got into tension because of disappointment with the lack of major results in their BTC investment in the immediate aftermath of the Halving.

However, we can’t change our past mistakes but we can wait for a better amount of profit.

In this phase, the trade price of Bitcoin may again face correction and that will be another chance to accumulate more Bitcoin because after every Bitcoin halving event Bitcoin trade price always follows a parabolic uptrend.

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