5-Star Swiss Hotel Accepting Bitcoin and Ethereum

A 5 star hotel, situated in the Swiss Alps, starts accepting Bitcoin & Ethereum payments.

The growing adoption of Bitcoin seems not going to stop amid huge volatility. A five star hotel now finally entered in the crypto space. 

This five star hotel is “Chedi Andermatt”. This hotel is situated in the heart of the Swiss Alps. 

Chedi Andermatt had been planning to accept crypto payments for the last 4 years. But due to some reasons they were not able to bring in their payment system. Probably because of the lack of crypto payments services. 

A report of the Swiss newspaper Blick, confirmed that Chedi Andermatt five star hotel started to accept two largest crypto assets Bitcoin & Ethereum in their payment. 

Now the guests in the hotel can pay in crypto payments worth more than 200 Swiss francs. This is around $218 dollars. 

Jean-Yves Blatt shared his point of view on this new payment option in crypto. Jean said that crypto adoption is increasing day by day and now Chedi Andermatt also adopted it. 

“We have long known that cryptocurrencies also have a future in hotel operations”

Well, back in April another hotel ” restaurant group Landry” announced to accept payment in crypto. Probably it is going to be the biggest move by these hotels to bring adoption to get millionaire customers easily. 

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