A Popular YouTuber MrBeast Reveals Crypto Holdings

MrBeast revealed about his crypto Investment and told that they got better returns through his Investment. 

When it comes to crypto then no one can ignore, almost all the leaders of every industry have their Investment in crypto but most of the times they dont reveal about it. Last time we shared a story about a DogeCoin millionaire Youtuber, now Mr.Beast became the latest one, who made great returns with crypto Investment. 

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MrBeast (Jimmy Donaldson) is a most popular youtuber in the present time of Youtube space. He is only 23 years old and also running many businesses in the offline world. 

MrBeast revealed about his crypto Investment and claimed that he made around 20-30x from the sale of the CryptoPunks. But he didn’t reveal at which price he sold. 

He confirmed that earlier this year, he bought 8 CryptoPunk NFTs and now he is no longer held because he sold all NFTs. 

Mr.Beast has an Investment of  $1.5 million in Bitcoin. And also in may, he Invested in a project XCAD, a marketplace that enabled one-click creation of NFTs. This project enables content creators to monetize their contents.

Mr.Beast also partners with Coinbase, where every user was able to make $10 worth of Bitcoin free of cost with the use of coupan code. 

MrBeast didn’t reveal how much he Invested, but surely his Investment clearly shows where the future is in crypto, obviously Bitcoin. 

Many times, we heard about Youtubers, that they were involved in the pump dump scheme in particular project, but here MrBeast not involved in such kind of things and also no news or report came from any of the source, where Mr.Beast tried to trick or manipulate any kind of project. 

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