A S. Korean person sentenced to Jail for 4 years: Sexual abuse in Metaverse


A 30-year-old South Korean person was found guilty to attract minor-aged children to share sexual content in Metaverse, in return for gifts.

South Korea is a tech-adaptive country in the world, which introduced strict regulatory policies on crypto companies, to prohibit the involvement of bad actors in the crypto space. At this moment only 5 crypto exchanges, namely Upbit, Bithumb, Coinone, Korbit, and Gopax, are providing full fiat-crypto services. Interestingly more than 35 crypto exchanges are actively providing crypto services in South Korea but are limited to providing crypto-crypto pair trade services because they failed to secure all full regulatory approval from the corresponding agency.

On 11 September, Korean local media reported that a 30 years old man, whose name is not provided in the public domain by Korean prosecutors, was found guilty of sexual content activities in Metaverse, a virtual reality-based advanced platform. 

According to the report, this person was involved in sharing & storing sexual & naked images of minor-aged children in the Metaverse and also he was attracting these minor-age victims through gifts. 

The whole criminal activity by the offender was done from December 2021 to March 2022. For all these offenses, he will face around 4 years of Jail punishment and also already faced 80 hours of sex criminal treatment program.

The punishment is based on the crime against those people who were unable to protect themselves and also it is confirmed that no sexual content was distributed & neither was used to make a profit.

Korea against crime in Metaverse

The government agencies of South Korea were already aware that chances of crime activities may take place in Metaverse because Metaverse-like platforms allow a better degree of interaction between the users.

In late January of this year, counsel under the South Korea Communications Commission held a meeting to bring laws & policies against the bad actors of Metaverse’s social media platform.

At that time, the discussion noted that all the Metaverse platform operators will be ordered to report any kind of illegal activities including abusive behavior or sexual content-related activities to the respective Government agencies.

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