A Sales Consultant From United Kingdom Found Guilty for Bitcoin Funding To IS Supporter

The head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East found a person ( Hisham Chaudhary) who provide Bitcoin to person who was supporter of Islamic States ( IS) terrorist organization.

Recently the BBC reported a news, where Jury found a 28 year old person guilty in the funding of Bitcoin IS Supporter Man. According to reports this man was a sales consultant from Leicestershire, United Kingdom. His name is Hisham Chaudhary.

Investigation detective agency found many clues which are indicating clearly that he was in contact with an IS supporter and also he was supporting agendas of IS group by sharing videos on social media.

As per report, this guy managed thousands of pounds and converted the funds into BTC to give to a person who has direct connection in IS. He sent converted BTC from detention camps in Syria.

While the guilty person denied all types of allegations and said it is just  humanitarian purpose and it is just a by chance incident. But the investigation department found a video which was shared by this person on the internet. Video was frequently associated with war motives among terrorists.

British police officers arrested this guy back in November 2019 and at that time they found many devices at his home which were containing the propaganda records of IS.

Detective Chief Superintendent Martin Snowden,The head of Counter Terrorism Policing North East, stated 

Proscribed organizations present a very real risk to our security. Anyone demonstrating support for such a group, in any form, will be prosecuted without exception. Despite the weight of the evidence against him, Hisham Chaudhary has tried to present himself as a humanitarian. He is in fact a terrorist and has been recognized as such by the jury.”

Court officially stated that there are a total 7 offenses against Hisham Chaudhary. Two are for funding terrorism, four are for disseminating a terrorist publication and one for membership of a proscribed organization. 

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