Afghan crypto trader says Crypto Can Help Afghanistan

Crypto traders of Afghanistan believe that the Crypto industry may help the country if the Taliban will not ban it. 

In 2021, Afghanistan faced an attack by the Taliban organization. The whole power ( including Military, soldiers, and ruling) of Afghanistan is now under the Taliban. Talibani groups are now ruling in their ways on the citizens of Afghanistan. When this incident took place, many Afghani citizens left their native country and entered other Countries somehow, so that they can live their life with freedom. 

The majority of the rules of Taliban are following very traditional rules like girls should remain under full body cover and can’t go anywhere alone in public. These things are giving an indication that the Talibani government will never allow it to go with Cryptocurrencies but still few crypto traders in the Taliban believe that the government may not ban it. 

BeInCrypto interviewed Atiqullah Mohammadi, the Afghani crypto trader. Atiqullah said that he has been doing crypto trading for two years. 

Atiqullah said that Bank charges very high fees to buy crypto, so they needed to go outside the country to do the deal. 

“We cannot purchase crypto with our bank accounts or credit cards due to their very high fees. We have to contact someone in the other developed countries. Of course, that will come with extra fees but much less than what our banks ask for.”

Besides all these, this guy said that every person needed to go with the local crypto trader to exchange crypto assets. But people can’t withdraw funds to the bank. 

Iran, Venezuela, Nigeria, Kenya, and the Philippines like countries already faced economic crises. And besides all these El Salvador officially adopted Bitcoin as Currency to get out from this such critical Global ecosystem. But here the situation is not the same for Afghanistan because 21 million people in Afghanistan can’t read and write.

But still, these crypto traders believe that if the Taliban will not ban crypto then surely it will help Afghani citizens in multiple ways.

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