Google planning to dive in Crypto: Report

Google hired a former executive of PayPal company for its payment system including crypto-linked payment options also. 

Google is that word in the internet world, which doesn’t need any introduction. In-ground reality Google is giving huge numbers of services at zero cost and also we know very well that the Services of Google remain always of better quality. As Google is a tech company, blockchain & crypto no longer remain outside the domain of Google. 

Google officially hired Arnold Goldberg. Arnold is a former executive of giant payment network firm PayPal. Now he will work in the payment division of Google. 

Billy Ready, president at Google commerce, told Bloomberg that crypto was big enough to grab the attention of Google. 

“Crypto is something we pay a lot of attention to.”

PayPal and Apple pay in Crypto

Right now PayPal has made a very unique space in the world to provide crypto-related services to global users. Now with the integration of crypto services, PayPal users are feeling like they are using an online bank. 

On the other side, Apple’s payment app ApplePay also announced last year that it will work on crypto-based payment options.

These things are showing that Google’s GooglePay is lagging in this increasing trend and competition to go with crypto and blockchain technology. 

Google stance on crypto, is not good 

Past couple of years are enough to explain the real point of view of Google. In the past, Google imposed a 100% ban on crypto-related advertisements. But later in 2020-2021, it started to allow some particular category-based crypto advertisements. 

Right now Google has its partnership with crypto exchange Coinbase and crypto payment network Bitpay to collect crypto assets in the digital cards issued by these two platforms, while users can pay in fiat.

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