Things to know about BAT (Basic Attention Token)

BAT or Basic Attention Token is a term that has taken the world of cryptocurrency by storm. So if you want to zip through a basic understanding of Basic Attention Token, this read is up to your alley!

So, what exactly is a Basic Attention Token?

Brendan Eich, who created Mozilla and JavaScript, created the Basic Attention Token (BAT) to enhance the security, fairness, and overall efficiency of digital advertising through blockchain technology. With the growing proliferation of blockchain and digital currencies companies, individuals have started applying its technology to web-based advertising. 

BAT is used on Brave Browser as a method of payment. It is based on the Ethereum blockchain network and can be used to pay Users (watchers) of ads, publishers, and advertisers to benefit all 3 in the same ecosystem. Users get BAT for paying attention to adverts, advertisers buy ad space and user attention with it, and Publishers or those that create content are paid ad revenue in BAT. Thus, at the core of the matter, a person’s attention has been monetized through BAT, and that’s how it has got its name!

Why Brave and BAT?

So, Brave is the browser used to earn you BAT when you choose to view ads. It is Brave’s owned cryptocurrency. Brave browser enables fast browsing as there are no ads and pop-ups, which revs up the page loading time. Brave is ad-free and ensures high privacy as it doesn’t collect and store any browsing or personal information. Moreover, it’s free and lets you earn rewards by referring others and viewing ads. You can also earn Brave rewards for your content- podcasts, videos, blogs, etc.

The ads are push notifications, and the BAT earned are stored in a wallet part of the browser. 

How to get on Brave?

Brave is an open-source web browser based on Chromium and can be downloaded on Windows and Mac. Users can also download Brave on their Android device for convenient browsing. And also, to earn a BAT. There are various ways in which one can earn BAT on the BRAVE browser other than viewing ads. You can also refer friends to download Brave and win referral awards in BAT.  

How to withdraw BAT from Brave:

If you want to withdraw BAT, you must sign up for Uphold. Exchange BAT for Bitcoin or other cryptocurrencies from Uphold. Create an account on Uphold and verify your identity with a suitable photo ID. To cash out your BAT, you have to add your bank account details.

Converting BAT to INR or BAT Crypto price

You can convert BAT to other local currencies like USD, EUR, INR, etc. For instance, if you are converting BAT to INR, 1 Basic Attention Token equals 53.43 INR. The Basic Attention Token is a global cryptocurrency. The Indian Rupee is the global fiat currency. Basic Attention Token price today is USD 0.708959 with a 24-hour trading volume of USD 238,373,727. The top crypto exchanges to trade BAT are Binance, Huobi Global, FTX, Mandala exchange, etc.

Is BAT Crypto a good investment?

BAT seems to be promising in that it is a moderately good investment. While quite certainly it can’t explode overnight, it is deemed to show good growth potential eventually. It is based on estimates according to investors and judging by its price history. Currently, BAT has a relatively high market capitalization of over $1 billion, making it quite promising. Over the next few years or so, with the crypto world evolving and growing, it’s predicted that the BAT’s price might reach a high of 7 USD by the end of 2025.