Cardano Founder Signs MOU With President of Burundi

Charles Hoskinson finally established an agreement partnership with the president of Burundi to bring digitization to the state. 

When it comes to Cardano, then people know very well how Cardano is moving towards the practical life adoption of the crypto & blockchain. 

Cardano’s native token ADA is the third-largest market CAP crypto asset of the crypto market. And popularly this project is known for its security & potential to handle the transactions on proof-of-stake consensus. 

On 26 October, Charles Hoskinson, founder of the Cardano project, tweeted a picture with the president of Burundi. 

Through the tweet, Charles wrote “new profile pic”. So this is a clear indication of how important this meeting was from the point of Cardano’s tour of Africa. 

In actuality, Charles Hoskinson signed a memorandum of understanding (MOU) with the government of the Republic of Burundi. 

MOU is a type of agreement but it doesn’t bind any of the parties under any legal rules. It is just a kind of support between two parties.

Charles also tweeted clearly that it “was all about the future of Burundi’s digital transformation

Charles Hoskinson in Zanzibar 

Before the meeting in Burundi, Charles Hoskinson completed his meeting with the president of Zanzibar and also with few other heads & businessmen. 

Tamara Hansen, Chief of staff at Cardano developers team, elaborated about the meeting and appreciated the contribution of Blockchain powdered mobile network company world mobile. 

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