AMC and Sony chooses WAX Blockchain for Spiderman NFTs

For the promotion of the Spider-Man: No Way Home NFT, AMC entertainment and Sony Entertainment network chose Wax Blockchain. 

This year, American cinema network company AMC entertainment showed huge inclination in the crypto industry by accepting crypto payments to offer services. Besides Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, AMC also planned to add support for the Shiba inu payments with the help of Bitpay payment gateway. Recent activities of AMC entertainment proved that the Company is no longer planning to remain tied with only crypto payments because AMC is putting hands in the NFTs projects. 

In a collaborative approach, Sony Pictures and AMC entertainment are promoting Spider-Man: No Way Home NFT. The blockchain network that they used is the Wax blockchain. The main purpose to use the Wax blockchain is eco-friendliness and mass-market accessibility. Right now, the promotion project team minted around 86,000 NFTs for the celebration of the release of Spider-Man: No way home. 

Adam Aron, Chairman of the Board and CEO at AMC Theatres company, said that the choice of Wax Blockchain is not only because of its eco-friendly nature but also user-friendly nature so that NFTs consumers can easily use it. 

Further Aron added:

“It’s easy to use and already widely adopted WAX Cloud Wallet combined with no gas fees for minting, sending, and receiving NFTs gave us confidence that everyone, including first-time blockchain users, would be able to participate in the promotion.”

William Quigley, Co-Founder of WAX, said that the team of Wax Blockchain believes that Blockchain technology and NFTs should be available to the people at a mass level with very high efficiency in terms of eco-friendly nature. 

Further, William said that they are much eager with this initiative of AMC and Sony Pictures because they are using Wax Blockchain to promote blockbuster movie of this year.

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