Former Twitter CEO’s Spiral demos Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit

Spiral explained how Bitcoin Lightning and LDK are helpful for those developers, who want to use the Bitcoin network for payment purposes. 

A few days ago, Jack Dorsey resigned himself from the position of Twitter CEO and now he is working on his own company’s vision with more focus. His company Square regarded Block to show that the vision of his companies is only to work in the crypto and blockchain inclined projects. 

On Tuesday, Jack Dorsey‘s Spiral showed how the Bitcoin Lightning Development Kit can be used to make the use of the Bitcoin network to facilitate payments wallets in the mobile. 

The team of the Spiral company published a video on the Bitcoin (BTC) Lightning and the LDK’s capability to show the potential work to make Bitcoin network use better and in a perfect way.

LDK is a designed engineering project of Spiral company and it is useful for those developers, who want to use their applications to connect with the Bitcoin network and point-of-sale terminals.

As the LDK design offers the ability to choose multiple languages like native APIs using Rust, C, Swift, Java, and Kotlin coding, it will help almost all category types of developers to take advantage of this project model. And also LDK will remove the necessary need for the Bitcoin lighting-enabled wallets. 

Through the published video of the Spiral on Twitter, Jack Dorsey’ spiral said ” LDK makes it easy for developers to build a wallet”.

The video shown in the YouTube link included a puppet of Jack Dorsey, which explained how a person can use the LDK developed wallet to use Bitcoin for payment purposes whether needed to buy tickets or any goods services. 

The spiral company was launched by Jack Dorsey in 2019. However, in the origin, this company was known as Square Crypto. The main vision of this company is to make blockchain and Bitcoin wallets inclined solutions. 

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