AMC Entertainment will accept direct Bitcoin payments


popular American cinema network ‘AMC Entertainment’ will accept crypto payments by next month. 

AMC Entertainment is a popular and known cinema network company of America and also this company is known for its new tech experiments to give a better user experience to their users. This year, AMC planned and implemented the use of a crypto payments option to offer the services. In the current time, people can buy the services of AMC Entertainment by using crypto to buy gift cards and that gift cards can be spent at the AMC application. Probably the restriction of the gift card system will be eliminated by the company. 

On 11 November, Adam Aron- CEO of the AMC- said that AMC is ready to debut in the crypto industry by accepting the flagship crypto payments on its platform including ETH, BCH and LTC. 

It is worth to note, already crypto-based gift card payment contribution is around 14% in AMC. Aron added that ‘now crypto will join traditional payment options Apple Pay, Google Pay and PayPal. 

The company also added that DogeCoin will be the next to add in the payment, for which they tweeted on Twitter to ask the community whether they would like to see DogeCoin in the AMC’s payment option. However, the company asked for the support of Shiba inu coins also. So there are huge chances that the company will add both of these two meme coins to its list. 

Will memes coins be a better option for AMC?

It is worth noting, AMC is trying to give priority to the meme coins, which have no actual use concept e.g Dogecoin and Shiba inu coin alongside the flagship assets like Bitcoin, Ethereum and Bitcoin cash.

Probably, the company is thinking about the transaction fees system and that can be lower through the use of meme tokens, especially with the use of DogeCoin because the developer team behind the DogeCoin project is working on the improvement of the speed of DogeCoin blockchain to make the DogeCoin available to use in practical life for payment purpose. 

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