AMC Entertainment will add DogeCoin also

Giant cinema network company, AMC Entertainment, planned for the DogeCoin payment option for their customers.

Recently, CEO of the AMC Entertainment cinema network company claimed that they are finally definite with their decision to accept crypto payments in Bitcoin & Ethereum. 

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But in a tweet post on 21 September, Adam Aron tweeted and asked their followers whether they will support the DogeCoin payment option alongside the other crypto assets bItcoin & Ethereum. In the tweet, Adam posted a poll with a total of 4 options to vote. 

In the tweet poll, clearly it can be seen that around 71% of people are supporting DogeCoin as a payment option in the AMC, at the time of writing this article.

While only 14% of people responded that they will not support it because that is a type of waste effort. 

But a total of 8% of respondents claimed that they don’t use DogeCoin but support it. While 7% voted for the ” not important at all”. 

So overall, AMC Entertainment is getting full support for the DogeCoin payment option with majority support of 71%.

In the response of the tweet, Billy Marcus, past developer of DogeCoin, posted a gif picture and said that “well obviously”.

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