Amid Bitcoin trade price calmness at $66k, Bitcoin bull Peter Brandt calls Silver & Gold  “dead horses” 


Peter Brandt slammed Peter Schiff for criticising Bitcoin & praising silver for its 20% pump.

The current trade price of Bitcoin (BTC) is $67,233 & this trade price is 151% higher over the last 12 months of the period. 

Popular Bitcoin hater Peter Schiff slammed Bitcoin investors. He compared the 21% rally of Silver trade price against Bitcoin’s 2% pump. 

Schiff used a short period frame to compare the rally of these two financial assets & successfully criticised Bitcoin. 

In response, popular Bitcoin bull Peter Brandt suggested people Ignore tweets from Schiff. 

Brandt said that he says these things to get attention and followers on social media but he will give him credit and assume he’s not as dumb as he sounds. 

Furthermore, the Bitcoin supporter noted that he has been betting on dead horses. Indirectly Brandt said that he is betting on those things that aren’t doing well. Now that one thing (Silver) is doing better, he’s getting overly excited on social media.

In a response tweet, Bitcoin hater Schiff said that Brandt wants to portray that he is fully sincere about his opinion on Bitcoin. 

Indirectly, Schiff claimed that investing in Bitcoin is just like betting on something that doesn’t exist.

Bitcoin Analyst on Bitcoin Trade Price 

Recently a Popular Bitcoin analyst shared his analysis on Bitcoin and said that current sentiments are showing that Bitcoin is speedily moving toward the $77k level and there are huge chances that we will see this level somewhere in the next 30 days.

Already a few days ago, many crypto analysts claimed that Bitcoin will gain stability when it crosses the $65k level. We can see that it is happening.

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