Arbitrum network faced second-time outages in within 5 months

The team of Arbitrum confirmed that they faced downtime in the network and also ensured that all funds are safe. 

Arbitrum is a layer 2 scaling solution project, which is dedicated to the Ethereum blockchain network. This project is helping the Ethereum blockchain-based crypto platforms to sustain their better service at a lower fees system. There are also a few other crypto blockchain networks like Polygon, which are giving Layer2 scaling solutions to the Ethereum blockchain network. 

On 9 January, the official Twitter account of Arbitrum tweeted that they faced small downtime and the team is working to restore it. And also the team ensured that all the funds are safe in the network. 

Further, on 10 January, Arbitrum published a post about the main reason behind the small-time outage in the Arbitrum Network. 

According to Arbitrum, it was all about the failure of a hardware sequence in the network, and further restore delay took place because the backup Sequencer redundancies that would normally take control also failed due to an ongoing software update. 

Arbitrum also explained very well that if Arbitrum will face issues in its network then the transactions will shift to the Ethereum layer-1 network. So it was all about the issues with Sequencer. The team tried to keep the transactions to get confirmed through the  Arbiturm Sequencer.

Around 284 transactions were captured by the Sequencer. However, this outage was a small time since the team confirmed that the network is still in the beta phase. 

“The Arbitrum network is still in beta, and we will keep this moniker as long as there are points of centralization that still exist in the system.”

Team also added that they are working to bring more decentralization in the Arbitrum network through the ” twofold path of minimizing Sequencer downtime” that will be deployed in the coming weeks and months. 

So there are chances that in the coming weeks and months may have further downtime in the Arbiturm network. 

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