AsktheDoctor against Shiba inu community


AsktheDoctor raised his voice against the Shiha inu and it’s a proponent of running a scam coin project. 

At the very beginning of this month, Medical firm AsktheDoctor announced that the company added $1.5 million worth of Shiba inu coins to their balance sheet and declared that they will use the Shiba inu tokens to sell merchandise and also will burn Shiba inu coins to attract huge numbers of investors. 

Now in the latest, AsktheDoctor raised his voice against this crypto project and said that they will file a lawsuit against the Shiba inu token and also against the popular Shiba inu proponent Shytoshi Kusama. 

This tweet is a clear indication that AsktheDoctor is now taking a U-turn on the Shiba inu inclined initiatives and services.

Now the company also revealed that they removed Shiba from their balance sheet and also they have refunded the merch sales. 

As a part of allegations, AsktheDoctor claimed that Shiba inu proponent Shytoshi Kusama was the only person behind the Squid Game token, who scammed huge numbers of people. However, Shytoshi Kusama denied all these allegations.

This initiative of AsktheDoctor is not leaving crypto inclined initiative. Instead, this company is promoting mental health awareness with the FLOKI inu meme coin project. 

The owner of Bigger Entertainment, Steven Cooper, also shared his point of view on Twitter regarding Shiba inu coin and AsktheDoctor. 

Steven Cooper wrote that AsktheDoctor was a scam, they promised many things but did nothing. 

Past Dogecoin developer Billy Markus also shared his stance on this matter that can be seen in the tweet below. 

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