Astral Money announces UST stablecoin backed Debit card


Astral money announced that it will issue debit cards to use UST in real life for payment purposes

Despite the huge volatility in the price of crypto assets, the majority of people are moving toward crypto adoption and new crypto projects are playing significant role to bring better adoption with real-life use cases. Crypto companies are creating a very big competition for traditional financial services. 

Astral Money is a payment solution platform, which allows people to use Terra-backed coins. In the latest, Astral Money announced that it will support the TerraUSD (UST) stable coin directly to use for the users in real life with its new format of Debit cards. 

Newly planned Debit cards will be allowed to be used in Great Britain and also in the European Union. For the European users, the project already opened a waitlist portal for the users to sign up to access and take advantage of this service in the early stages.

Before this, on the same project expansion, the project team announced it in January of this year. 

Last year in July, Astral Money launched its Astral Payment service to allow the merchants to accept payments with UST( Stablecoin of Terra) directly through their websites. 

When the project team successfully released the payment plugin for the Woo-commerce platforms then after that the team announced its plan to support Shopify and Magento. As per the announcement, the team will launch plugins for Shopify & Magento by the second quarter of this year.

Do Kwon, Co-founder of the Terra project, shared his happiness on this initiative of Astral money to use UST through Debit cards directly. 

Terra’ Luna shows rapid recovery

In the last three weeks, the crypto market saw huge ups and downs because of the highly tensioned situation of Ukraine vs Russia. 

During the recovery phase, Terra’s native coin Luna showed around 32% pump in its price. 

On the Binance exchange, Terra(Luna) touched $104 as a new all time, and the current price of Luna is $94.81, which is 2.9% down over the last 24 hours. 

Astral Money announces UST stablecoin backed Debit card 1

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