Bank of New York Mellon Will Back Pure Digital Currency Trading Platform

Bank of New York joined 2 largest other Custody banks to facilitate pure crypto assets trading. And also they are planning to join 6 biggest Banks to launch crypto trading platforms with better custody.

Reports say, Bank of New York Mellon is now ready to launch “Pure Digital” which will provide only crypto trading and that crypto trading platform ” Pure Digital” will be fully backed by more than 6 largest banks. 

Lauren Kiley, CEO of Pure Digital stated : 

“We have spoken to all the top-tier banks but we think custody banks were some of the first to see demand, so they are now more advanced”

So clearly they are not limited with numbers of banks to join this launch of Crypto trading platform. They are almost in collaboration with a number of banks so that they can provide better custody to their customers. 

Bank of New York also announced that they will facilitate crypto assets servicing solutions i.e they will provide crypto based services and mainly focus on that matter where people are facing problems with non banks backed crypto platforms. 

Jason Vitale, global head of foreign exchange at the U.S. dealer, stated that they are now looking for a collaboration with new companies/firms so that they can create a better Strategy to provide better services in crypto for their clients.

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