Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021

Bitcoin and cryptocurrency get a lot of attention in the past decade (2009-2019). More and more people get interested in Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies and the price of bitcoin goes higher and touched $20,000 back in December 2017. Over time businessmen and companies understand that the crypto space is an emerging industry and start delivering their own services.

Bitcoin Casinos is one of the most popular services in the crypto space. Bitcoin casinos become more and more popular in the past few years because they do not need any hard regulations required by traditional casinos. In this post, we will share the best bitcoin casinos available now and what factors you should check before choosing any bitcoin casino.

Nowadays Casino owners found a new solution for the major issue of regulations – Bitcoin. Bitcoin’s pseudo-anonymous and decentralized nature allows many Bitcoin casinos to run their platform without any regulations.

Anonymity is the biggest advantage of Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies. Bitcoin casinos offer full anonymity and allow unlimited transactions, on the other hand, traditional casinos need to pay tax on their transactions and have a daily limit.

Short Summary of what we will cover in this post:

  1. What is Bitcoin Casino?
  2. How Bitcoin Casino Works?
  3. Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair Enough to Make Profit?
  4. Best Bitcoin Casinos
  5. Bitcoin Casinos for US Citizens Must Check
  6. How to Choose Best Bitcoin Casino
  7. Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?
  8. Risk of Using Bitcoin Casinos
  9. Conclusion

1 What is Bitcoin Casino?

What is Bitcoin Casino?

A casino is a place where the players can play gambling on different types of games. The casino is full of lights, colours and girls/strippers to attract more people. There always a basic rule in casino gambling that the majority of people lose their money and only the owner of the casino and some pro players make profits.

To play any game in a casino the player needs chips (that are redeemable into dollars or any other fiat currencies).

There is no more difference in bitcoin casinos. The basic difference is that bitcoin casinos are not physical (they are basically websites) and you will not find any stripper there (they use adult images instead).

To play any games, the user needs to create an account on the casino website. Once the user has successfully verified his account then he needs to deposit some Bitcoin or other supported cryptocurrencies (they are used as chips to play games). There are some bitcoin casinos that allows both fiat currencies and Bitcoin, we will discuss them later in the post. Bitcoin casinos operate from all over the globe.

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There are many games available on the casino website and each game has a different profit ratio and winning ratio. Bitcoin casinos provide a variety of games including:

  • Gambling games
  • Traditional casino games
  • Sports betting
  • Lotteries

Let’s figure how bitcoin casino works and what is the probability of your winning.

2 How Bitcoin Casino Works?

Most of the online casinos work on software without much human interaction. Bitcoin casinos with a large user base design their custom gaming software. Casinos with a small user base and small turnover will use purchased or a rented version of the software with little modification according to their services.

The software runs and conducts all games with minimal human supervising. The software plays the role of table dealer or card collecter in the games.

3 Are Bitcoin Casinos Fair Enough to Make Profit?

As we discussed above Bitcoin casinos work only digitally. Due to their digital nature, it is always a problem to convince players that their system is fair. Most casinos publically show their software code and working on the websites to ensure players that the games are fair and everyone has the same probability of winning.

Many Casinos use blockchain technology to run the games and select winners. Blockchain technology is transparent and everyone can see their transactions. Some casinos use the peer-to-peer system but that is not famous yet. You should check the fairness of the game before selecting any casinos. There is a lot of casinos that use false methods to take user’s money.

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5 BC.Game Casino

 BC.Game Casino

BC.Game is a casino platform which is fully decentralised and driven by smart contracts that neglect the manipulation by centralised authorities or a third party. 

BC.Game is one of the many that digitised their operations. However, the platform went a notch higher using technology, decisively embracing cryptocurrencies, and offering diversity from a wide range of games like Wheel Baccarat, Plinko, Crash, Roulette, HashDice, Blackjack, Keno, and others.

Cryptocurrencies rely on mathematics. They are accessible, and their underpinning blockchains are secure and active. By using cryptocurrencies as settlement, BC.Game bypassed the need for demanding that their clients register bank accounts and get approved.

Anyone, anywhere in the world can register and play any of the over 15 unique games by depositing over 25 cryptocurrencies including BTC, LINK, UNI, and so much more.

The casino is built on the Ethereum blockchain. BC.Game provides ‘guaranteed provable fairness’ as all the transactions are stored on Ethereum public blockchain and fully transparent. Anyone can check the transactions and verify them. 

Aforementioned, the online casino integrates technology, offering the best deals for the players while remaining transparent. Interestingly, the gaming platform was formed in 2017 and is fully verified by the Crypto Gambling Foundation.

Since then, it has managed to carve out market share. Part of its superiority is its business model and the integration of blockchain technology guaranteeing speedy transaction settlement, quick reimbursement of winnings, and transparent operations where every participant can track, regardless of their physical location.

BC.Game website interface is user friendly and highly engaging. Players from all corners of the world can try their skills and luck. There is an inbuilt chat room on the right hand of the casino homepage where players can chat with other players. The casino gives random awards to players based on their chat activities that encourage everyone to contribute and stay active. 

BC.Game offers 16 casino games including Roulette, Blackjack, Video Poker and Wheel, to name a few. The house edge range from 1% to 2.7% depends upon the game. The processing speed of the game engine is fast, and players never feel a lag. 

Bonus and Promotional Offers

BC.Game provides multiple bonuses and promotional offers for its users. Users can also earn by sharing their affiliate link and inviting new players to the casino. The bonus offers are divided into different categories as follows: Task Bonus, Daily Bonus, Rakeback, Recharge, level up bonus, to name a few.

Following is a short description of the bonuses to help us understand it better:

Task Bonus: Users can complete the given task and win the rewards. 

Master Medal: Here, you need to pick up medals to earn mouthwatering rewards. With 20 medals in your possession, you will be rewarded with 1 BTC, 10 ETH, and 100,000 DOGE.

ShitCodes: These are bonus codes that are redeemable when you enter the ShitCodes on the BC.Game bonus page. 

Daily Bonus

The promos under Daily Bonus include;

Roll Competition: Here, you get to spin a wheel of fortune for a star prize. The Roll Competition is a daily event that every player above VIP Club 3 is entitled to play only once a day.

Where is COCO?: COCO randomly appears on the BC.Game site (usually at a 6-hour interval) and if you are lucky enough to click on COCO when it appears, you will earn a juicy reward.

Lucky Prize

Chat Rain: The reward is given randomly by the chatbot to 6 players. The bot selects random winners based on chat activity. This bot usually shows up every six hours, so make sure you are actively playing crypto games on the BC.Game site to stand a chance of earning this lucky prize.


Rakeback is available for players above VIP Club 14. It is like a cashback feature where you get up to 20% of the House edge on every game returned to you. It is available to claim every 30 mins depending on your wager amount.


Recharge is available for players above VIP club 22. You can claim recharge once you wager a minimum of $1000 in the last seven days. You can request recharge and claim every 10mins, hourly or daily. It is calculated based on your previous seven days wager.

Vault Pro:

The Vault Pro is one of a kind feature which acts like a vault or bank for you to save your coins. You not only get to store your funds safely but also earn a lucrative interest which is paid to you on a daily basis! That surely is a plus point that is loved by many!

Payment Methods 

Deposits and Withdrawals are instant (processed within 10 minutes). There are more than 30 cryptocurrencies supported by the casino platform. BC.Game accepts a variety of cryptocurrencies as deposits.

Customer Support 

BC.Game offers 24*7 customer support. Users can reach the customer support team via Live Chat, Email, Telegram. The Live Chat option is best if you have a query and want a reply instantly. The support executives are very professional and friendly and always ready to help. 

BC.Game Blog:

Along with all these features BC.Game also has a blog where u can read all about the latest events, how-to-play guides, tips and tricks, and relevant info related to the cryptocurrency world in general for a beginner and pro alike.

Key Feature 

  • More than 15 provably fair games
  • Supports more than 30 Cryptocurrencies
  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawal
  • Bonus and Rewards
  • Rakeback 
  • Vault Pro
  • Run-on Ethereum blockchain and smart contracts
  • Provably Fair
  • Live Support
  • BC.Game Blog
  • iOS and Android App available (How to install)

6 CryptoGames


CryptoGames was founded in 2014 and become one of the best casinos in the online gambling industry. CryptoGames is formed by a team of crypto experts that have good experience in the gambling industry. CryptoGames has a fair reputation among online gambling casinos.

CryptoGames provides the major perks of crypto gaming. The website user interface is very smooth and attractive. The website does not ask about any personal details on registration. Users just need to select a username to start playing. You can start playing anywhere in the world without giving any personal information, just check gambling laws in your country before start playing.

CryptoGames offers 8 games including Dice, Blackjack, Slot, Lottery (Five-time a week), Plinko, Roulette, Video Poker and Minesweeper. The house edge range from 0.8% to 2.7%. The platform offers the games in 11 different cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin, Dogecoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, BitcoinCash, Ethereum Classic, NeoGas, Stratis and Play money.

Bonus and Promotional Offers

CryptoGames gives good bonus and promotional offers to its users. The bonus and promotional offers update every month. These include wagering challenges, random free coins, and more.

CryptoGames has a built-in bitcoin faucet where user can claim free Bitcoins every 3 minutes. Users can claim free bitcoin and start playing the games. A user can only claim free coins when his/her account balance is 0 satoshi.

There are a rank system, the higher the rank the more free bitcoins a user get from the faucet. The rank of a user will increase by playing games and betting on the platform. Newbies are ranked as Baby or Level 0, and they are eligible to 10 faucet requests per day. The highest rank you can achieve is Brigadier General or Level 35. Reaching this tier makes you eligible for 60 faucet requests per day. You can go up the ladder by earning points when you are betting, investing, referring to friends, chatting, and being active frequently.

There is also a monthly wagering contest.

This month’s rewards are:
BitcoinCash – 5 prizes, up to 18.50 BCH total bonuses
BitCoin – 10 prizes, up to 3.84 BTC total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
Dash – 5 prizes, up to 18.50 DASH total bonuses
DogeCoin – 5 prizes, up to 975,000.00 DOGE total bonuses + 320 lotto tickets
EthereumClassic – 5 prizes, up to 185.00 ETC total bonuses
Ethereum – 10 prizes, up to 21.80 ETH total bonuses + 828 lotto tickets
NeoGas – 5 prizes, up to 290.00 GAS total bonuses
LiteCoin – 7 prizes, up to 42.50 LTC total bonuses + 790 lotto tickets
Stratis – 5 prizes, up to 1,155.00 STRAT total bonuses
Monero – 5 prizes, up to 23.30 XMR total bonuses

CryptoGames offers rewards for inviting new players. For Slot, Blackjack, Roulette, Video Poker, Plinko and Minesweeper you get 15.00% of the house edge, and for Dice, 15.00% of house edge on any bet made by someone you invited.

Payment Methods

CryptoGames supports more than 35 cryptocurrencies for deposit and 10 cryptocurrencies for withdrawals. Users can deposit their favourite coins and start playing on the platform. The minimum Withdrawal limit is 0.002 BTC and users can set the withdrawal fee manually. CryptoGames also has integrated CoinSwitch on its platform making it possible for gamblers to deposit reputed coins they own to one of the coins supported by the casino without any issues at all.

Key Feature

  • Quick Registration
  • Low House Edge
  • Monthly bonuses
  • Supports more than 35 cryptocurrencies for deposit
  • 11 different cryptocurrencies games available

7 Crypto Poker Club Group

Crypto Poker Club Group casino

Crypto Poker Club is the world’s most sophisticated Crypto Poker platform in the world with exclusive support for Bitcoin Poker and Ethereum Poker players. The platform delivers both technological breakthroughs for online poker players as well as major player benefits including earning free bitcoin through Freerolls every hour 24/7!


Crypto Poker Club is the next generation of online poker today with major financial backing for developing their decentralized card shuffling (RNG) technology as well as a complete revamp of poker security in 4 specific areas. The Crypto Poker platform has passed third party testing of the RNG technology validating the proof of concept. A certificate can be read on the homepage.

Whitepaper Links:

Decentralized RNG Solution Whitepaper (TFRNG)

4X Security Layer Approach Whitepaper

Player Benefits

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021 1

Aside from technological improvements to online Cryptocurrency poker – the platform delivers attractive benefits for all players:

  • All players receive a 100% matched first deposit bonus TWICE for up to $2,000 each (one bonus per currency). This is paid out in full, unlike many other platforms which release bonuses in small parts over time.
  • Free lifetime withdrawals. The platform covers all miners fees for all withdrawals irrespective of size.
  • Freerolls running every hour, 24/7, for both BTC and ETH
  • Up to 50% Rakeback for all players (5-Star ranking system)
  • Weekend cash prizes
  • Low rake at 4% with hard caps

Monthly Rakeraces, Top-Up Bonuses, and competitions

Every month, two new competition structures are released as well as an additional bonus structure. The competition archive can be found here.

Prizes for all competitions are awarded weekly and when combined with the regular 50% Rakeback benefits – players can earn over 100% Rakeback for certain periods of each month!

Crypto Poker Club earns its rank for launching some of the most profitable poker competitions in the world of Bitcoin & Ethereum Poker.

Play anywhere, anytime with no restrictions

The platform is available on the following devices:

Play Bitcoin Poker via Web-browser

Play Bitcoin Poker on Windows

Play Bitcoin Poker on Android

Play on Mac (Coming soon)

iOS App coming late 2020!

Learn more


Contact: [email protected]



 WOLF.BET is a crypto-currency gambling platform with only a 1% house edge and currently hosting one of the most advanced dice games out there with a unique design and mobile-first approach. The site is also known for the Wolf Race, a daily $1000 wagering contest where the top 30 wagerers from the last 24h get a portion from the prize pool. One of the latest major updates includes a VIP system that allows you to level up through a wolf rank ladder and get as much as 30% Rakeback on all the bets you place at the site.

You can be completely anonymous with your bets and you will not be required to disclose any personal information except your email in order to play at the site. also provides an Affiliate System where you get 15% from the house edge collected for each of your referrals bets.

Gaming Experience

The platform is constantly working in providing the fastest Dice Game experience, having a mobile-first approach assures your experience is as fun on your smartphone as on your desktop.

During the gameplay, you get access to live stats/graphs, wagering data (ex: max streaks, highest win, highest bet, etc.) and completely traceable bet seeds. really does its best to provide you all the relevant data that you might need as a player including a variety of betting options and functionalities that allows players to test, save, copy or even share (at the chat) the best strategies they come across with.

Where the dice experience most stands out is in its auto bet mode, where you can find several options that might help to increase your win rate by putting your favourite strategies into work.

Bonus and Promotions offers a 7-Day Streak bonus, where you can claim free crypto by accessing the site on a daily basis. By opening their Promotions page you can check all the live and regular promos they are hosting across the web, ex: Social Media giveaways and contests. The site also hosts different chat games and trivias with prizes being paid on the chat regularly through tips from the mods.

Provably Fair

The platform is 100% provably fair and allows players to change and customize both their client and server seeds the way that better suits them.

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021 4

Customer Support offers 24*7 available customer support. You can reach the support team through the live chat or by writing an email to [email protected]

Security and Payment Methods detains a certificate of RNG validity issued by HDS Technologies N.V. and an Antillephone License Validation, authorized and regulated by the Government of Curacao. Users can enable a two- factor authentication (2FA) to better secure their accounts, and the website is protected by reCaptcha. Activating a 2FA security is also possible and recommended. has made the experience even more accessible by not having minimum deposit amounts. The platform currently supports several cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH), Tron (TRX), Doge, Litecoin (LTC) and Ripple (XRP) being the latest one introduced.

Key Features

  • Daily $1000 Wagering contest (TOP 30 Winners)
  • Up to 30% Rakeback
  • Mobile-First Approach
  • Fast and smooth dice gaming
  • Active 24/7 Multilingual Customer Support
  • Licensed Cryptocurrency Casino
  • Multiple Chat Rooms
  • Supports 7 Cryptocurrencies
  • Affiliate System
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9 1xBit7 BTC Bonus

 1xBit7 BTC Bonus

Launched in 2016 1xBit is the most interesting and fast-growing crypto-currency gambling platform. Service is available almost worldwide, except for the USA and UK, and supports 65 languages.

Registration and privacy

The main advantage of this cryptocurrency platform is anonymity, which means that the user needs to provide no personal data to register on the website, just a valid e-mail address.

Bonus and promotional offers

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021 5

The key bonuses available after registration are the welcome bonuses and cashback bonuses. Mainly bonuses and regular promotions are focused on getting bonus points (loyalty points), which can be freely exchanged for the main account funds.

The mechanics of the welcome bonus are as follows – after the first deposit and easy wagering, you will receive bonus points, which can be converted into 100% of the first deposit amount (but no more than 7BTC).

Cashback bonus works even easier – all your bets will earn bonus points regardless of whether you win or lose a bet.

Customer support

1xBit casino customer support is available 24*7 from any country in the world. With average reply time ~1min, you can be sure that your request won’t remain unnoticed.

Payment methods

Even the most demanding customers won’t be disappointed with a wide range of the payment methods available at 1xBit as it accepts over 25 cryptocurrencies. Among the most popular cryptocurrencies are Bitcoin, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Dash, Monero and many others.

Key features

  • Supports 25 Cryptocurrencies
  • More than 4000 games
  • Thousands of sports events
  • Live dealers
  • Instant deposit and Withdrawals
  • 24/7 multilingual customer support
  • Great bonus and daily offers
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10 Coinbet24



Some of the popular table games are poker, dice, blackjack, roulette, and baccarat. There is also a live casino option where players can play with other players worldwide and win good money.

Sports lovers can also try their luck and analytical skills on Coinbet24. Coinbet24 casino offers to bet on international and domestic leagues. Users can bet on Cricket, Basketball, Dart, Floorball, Football, Handball, Ice Hockey, Tennis, Volleyball and Winter sports.

Bonus and Promotional Offers

Coinbet24 bitcoin casino gives a 100% deposit bonus up to 1 BTC on the first deposit. The deposit bonus is available for both sportsbook and casino players.

The casino offers daily bonus offers that will boost the bitcoin betting odds to 20-30% over regular odds. Users get additional 10 spins for verifying their phone number in the profile section. After verifying your mobile number you will become a verified user and take advantage of the future bonus campaigns.

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021 6

Coinbet24 casino also offers affiliate programs. Users can earn up to 40% commission for bringing new users to the platform. Users can share their affiliate links on their Facebook and Twitter accounts, add banners to their websites or blogs, create videos and share them on Youtube or directly send the link via text or E-mails.

Customer Support

Coinbet24 casino customer support is available 24*7. Users can reach customer support via the live chat, email or the contact us form. The customer support is very active and will reply to you within minutes. If you are a regular player of the casino then your request will be given priority.

Payment Methods

Coinbet24 casino supports more than 30 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Ethereum (ETH), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and many more. All the deposits are executed instantly. Users can get their funds on account instantly. All the altcoin deposits are processed via Shapeshift.

Coinbet24 also accept fiat currency deposits and all the fiat currency deposits are processed via ecoPayz or Perfect Money. The cryptocurrency withdrawals take 5 to 10 minutes for processing and the fiat currency withdrawals are usually sent in a day.

Key Features

  • Supports More than 30 Cryptocurrencies
  • Huge Game Library
  • Bet on International sports
  • Instant deposit and Withdrawals
  • Fast and Smooth Website
  • Active Customer Support
  • Great Bonus and Promotional Offers
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11 Playbetr


Playbetr was established in 2015 and find the spot in our list of the best bitcoin casinos. Playbetr casino is a licensed cryptocurrency casino and sportsbook where players can deposit supported cryptocurrencies and play games. Playbetr casino is run by industry experts and they know all about gambling and casino games.

Playbetr stores user funds in PBR coin (that remains always equal to $1) so users need not worry about the price fluctuations of cryptocurrencies. Playbetr casino support multiple cryptocurrencies for deposit and withdrawal.

Users can open an account on Playbetr in just a few seconds. You just need to enter your email address and a password to join the casino. Users can direct deposit funds to their Playbetr account and start playing.

Gaming Experience

The Playbetr website is simple and very fast. There are more than 1000 games available on the Playbetr website. Users can find easily what they are looking for on the homepage. The smooth experience and fast websites make the games more interesting. When you need an Ethereum sportsbook with an immense betting variety, Playbetr brings it and much more! By offering thousands of pre-match, in-play (life), and futures markets every single month, this ETH betting site has quickly risen to the top.

There is a vast library of games and users can play any game they want. The games are divided into different categories that make it easier to find your favourite game. You will find Live casino games, 3D slots, virtual games, Probably fair games, blackjack poker and table games on the website homepage.

Bouns and Promotions

Playbetr casino gives a deposit bonus up to the first 4 deposits. The first deposit bonus is 100% matching, the second deposit bonus is 50% matching, the third deposit bonus is 25% and the fourth deposit bonus is 10% matching.

Playbetr casino also has a loyalty point system, whenever a player plays games on the website he is rewarded by loyalty points. The loyalty points determine the rate of the benefits like Rakeback, betback & lossback. Playbetr casino also offers affiliate programs, whenever a new user is signed up with your link and deposit funds in the casino account, you will get BTC rewards.

Customer Support

Best Bitcoin Casinos 2021 7

The Playbetr casino customer support is very active and always reply to your questions. Users can contact the customer support via live chat option provided on the website or by contacting the support with an email. Users can also join their telegram group and ask their queries there, the telegram group admins are very active and helpful.

Payment Methods

Playbetr casino support multiple cryptocurrencies. Users can deposit and withdraw with Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Ethereum (ETH), Ripple (XRP), Monero (XMR), dash, ethereum classic (etc), Bitcoin cash (BCH), Bitcoin Cash SV (BSV), Binance coin (BNB), PAX, DAI, USDC, and PBR. Playbetr will add more cryptocurrency in the upcoming months.

Key Feature

  • Support Multiple Cryptocurrencies
  • Licenced Cryptocurrency casino
  • Active Support
  • Fast and smooth User interface
  • More than 1000 games available

12 Bitstarz


Bitstarz is the best bitcoin casino available in the market. Bitstarz is regulated and licensed by the Curacao government. Bitstarz was established in 2014 and serving users across the globe. Bitstarz was started by a few casino players and they know the pros and cons of bitcoin casinos, that’s the reason Bitstarz is the number one bitcoin casino out there.

Bitstarz team only accepts casino players and casino members with at least 3 years of experience. The casino website features rich and allows users a dynamic experience. The latest news and promotional bonus are found on the homepage.

Opening an account on Bitstarz bitcoin casino is very easy and it only takes less than a minute. You just need to type your email address and login password and its all set for gambling. The website layout is modern and you found a lot of graphics and layout on the website.

Gaming Experience

The website is very fast and responsive that takes the gaming experience to a new level. Bitstarz has a wide range of games and offers more than 2200 games developed by highly reputed developers including NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, iSoftBet, BGaming (SoftSwiss), Amatic Industries, Endorphina, GameArt.

The games are divided into different categories: slots, jackpot games, live games, table games, and BTC games. Casino players can view the games in alphabetic order or filter them by the game developers. There is a search bar also available for players that are looking for a specific game.

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Bouns and Promotional Offers

In the early stages, Bitstarz does not provide any signup bonus but now there is a lot of bitcoin casinos that provide signup bonus. Bitstarz also starts giving a signup bonus of 20 free spins.

bitstarz deposit bonus

Bitstarz also gives a 100% matching bonus of $100 or 1 BTC on the first deposit. Along with 100% matching bonus Bitstarz also gives 180 free spins for Boomanji or Fruit Zen or Wolf Gold games. The deposit bonus is not over yet, Bitstarz gives a 50% matching bonus of $100 or 1 BTC on the second deposit also.

Wait the party is not over yet. Bitstarz gives a 50% bonus of $200 or 2 BTC on the third deposit. Are you amazed by that? There is still some fun left. Bitstarz gives a 100% matching of $100 0r 1 BTC on the fourth deposit also. Bitstarz is the only bitcoin casino that provides this type of bonus packages.

Customer Support

The customer support of Bitstarz is very responsive. Users can reach support via mail, live chat and also request a call from the casino. Bitcoinik team checked the live chat support serval times and on different time frames and the support team’s response in no time. To become a member of the support team, the applicant needs a minimum experience of 3 years in the bitcoin gambling market.

Payment Methods

Bitstarz is the first bitcoin casino to accept Bitcoin as well as traditional currencies. Bitstarz support fiat currencies including the Australian dollar, Canadian dollar, Chinese yuan, Euros, Norwegian kroner, Russian rubles, US dollars, Polish złoty.

Bitstarz accepts payments by almost all popular payment methods. Bitstarz accepts Visa, MasterCard, Maestro, Coinspaid, Neteller, Online Bank Transfer, Bitcoin, iDEAL, iDebit, Instadebit, Zimpler, Litecoin, Bitcoin Cash, Etherum, Dogecoin, Skrill, Paysafe Card, WebMoney, Yandex Money, QIWI, Skrill Rapid Transfer, NeoSurf, Virtual Cards, UPaycard, CashtoCode, Astropay Direct, and Astropay Card.

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The minimum deposit limit for Bitcoin is 0.0001 BTC. The minimum deposit limit for all other payment methods is €20 and the maximum deposit limit per round is €4000. That means you can deposit all you want but need to do it in €4000 parts.

The minimum withdrawal limit for Bitcoin is 0.001 BTC. The minimum withdrawal limit for banks and all other payment methods is €20. Cryptocurrency deposit and withdrawals are instant and take 10minutes to 1 hour for confirmation while banks and other payment methods take 1-3 working days to confirm the payment.

Key Features

  • Licensed from Government
  • Instant deposit and Withdrawals
  • Live Chat Available 24/7
  • Mobile Friendly
  • Wide Range of Games
  • Extra Ordinary Bonus and Promotional Packages
  • Mobile Friendly

13 Cloudbet


Cloudbet is founded in 2013 and become the first casino to accept Bitcoin payments. At that time Bitcoin is only $200 worth each coin and the cryptocurrency space is very small.

Today Cloudbet is one of the leading online gambling platforms. Cloudbet offers a variety of games and is regulated and fully licensed in more than 100 countries.

Gaming Experience

Cloudbet attractive design and layout, the fast loading speed takes the gaming experience to a new level. Browsing and selecting games on Cloudbet is pretty easy thanks to the left side navigation bar. The experience is almost the same in mobile devices and on a laptop or computer.

Cloudbet also publishes quality content about cryptocurrencies and betting strategies. Reading the cloudbet posts will improve your gambling skills and chances of winning.


Cloudbet provides a 100% matching bonus of up to 5 BTC on the first deposit. That means if you deposit 1 BTC into your Cloudbet bonus you will receive 1 BTC bonus (100% matching of your deposit amount). Obviously, there are some terms and conditions to withdraw your bonus, you need to bet on Cloudbet.

There is also a loyalty point system. Each time you deposit funds in your account you will receive some loyalty points and when the loyalty points reach 800 points, Cloudbet transfers 0.01 BTC in your account.

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Huge Game Collection

Cloudbet offers more than 700 games developed by reputed developers such as Betsoft, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Play ‘n Go. Cloudbet games also offer a dynamic 3-D experience. There are the classic games of gambling and also modified versions of poker and roulette games.

Customer Support

This is one of the most important factors to select a bitcoin casino. If a website or online gambling platform customer support is not good it’s not worth to deposit your money on it.

Bitcoinik team has tried the support of Cloudbet multiple times and founds that the live support on the website replies within 10 minutes. The live chat support will solve and clarify almost all questions. Cloud also offers support via email inquiry.

Security and Payment Methods

When you deposit your Bitcoin or funds on another website, you are always looking for security or insurance. Cloudbet has a certificate of RNG validity issued by Curaçao eGaming. Cloudbet uses cold wallets to store all the funds. Cloudbet allows users to enable two-factor authentication (2FA) to secure their accounts funds.

The minimum deposit cloudbet accepts is 0.001 BTC and allows unlimited instant withdrawals. Cloudbet only accepts Bitcoin (BTC) and Bitcoin Cash (BCH). This is maybe the disadvantage of cloudbet because other Bitcoin casinos accept a wider range of cryptocurrencies.

Key Feature

  • Variety of Games
  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawals
  • Attractive Bonus Offers
  • Good Quality Content for Learning

14 Fortune Jack

 Fortune Jack

Fortune Jack was found in 2014. Fortune Jack claimed that they have a team of professionals with more than two decades of experience in the gambling industry.

Fortune Jack has achieved a good user base in a short period of time because of the attractive bonus and referral program.

Like any good Bitcoin casino, Fortune Jack respects the user’s privacy and needs minimal information for registration and start betting. Fortune Jack only needs a username, email id and password for registration, there is no Know Your Customer (KYC) verification.

Gaming Experience

Fortune Jack website is very similar to any other bitcoin casino website. The games are divided into categories that will make it easier to select a game by the user. Users can simply click on the “Casino” tab on the top navigation bar and select the games by using the filter on the page.

If you don’t apply any filter then you need to scroll the page downwards to select games. It takes you 5-10 minutes to reach the bottom of the page, now you can guess how large the game’s inventory Fortune Jack has.

Fortune Jack keeps in mind every player’s interest and has a wide variety of games. The games are developed by reputed developers including Microgaming, Netent, Betsoft, XPG, and Evolution Gaming.

Fortune jack always assured that the gaming experience is constant for every game. Fortune Jack also explains the probably fair algorithm they are using and the winning probability of each player is almost remains the same for all games.

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Fortune Jack Bitcoin Casino gives up to 5 BTC welcome bonus. You will receive 25 free spins just for registration. Fortune Jack gives a 110% matching bonus up to 5 BTC and 250 free spins on the first deposit. The minimum deposit that is accepted by Fortune Jack is 0.001 BTC.

There are additional benefits for royalty members. At the end of every month users can recover up to 20% of their losses depends on their royalty levels.

Customer Support

Fortune Jack has a large user base but that not affect its customer support services. Bitcoinik team checked many times and get a quick response from the live chat support. Users can also use email, contact form and their discord channel to contact the team.

Payment Methods

Fortune Jack accepts 9 cryptocurrencies including Bitcoin (BTC), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), Dash Coin (DASH), Ethereum (ETH), Zcash, Tron (TRX), Bitcoin Cash (BCH) and Monero(XMR). Withdrawals and deposits are instant and only takes a few minutes. The minimum limit for withdrawal and deposit is 0.001 BTC. Fortune also has and built-in cryptocurrency exchange.

Key Features

  • Huge Collection of Traditional and New Casino Games
  • Experienced Team
  • Accepts 9 Cryptocurrencies
  • Instant Withdrawal
  • Responsive Support Team

15 is one of the early comers in the bitcoin casino market. was established in 2014 and provides its services all across the globe. Bitcasino is a sports betting and casino gambling platform. Bitcasino gets a massive success and following in the past 5 years.

The website design and UI is very good and optimized for the best user experience. Everything is available at just one click away. Making a deposit, finding games, promotional offers, and live chat are embedded on the homepage.

The signup process is very simple on Bitcasino. You just need to enter your email address, select a username, choose your password and confirm your age, you are good to go for gambling.

Gaming Experience

According to the website, the bitcoin casino provides more than 2000 games. Bitcasino offers all the games a player thinks of, from slots, bingo video pokers, and jackpots with all favourite traditional games like table poker, blackjack, roulette and so on.

With such a huge library of games, it is difficult to find the best and favourite game. Bitcasino provides multiple filter options to sort the games. Players can filter the games by game developers, most popular games and newly added games. There is also a search bar available to find your favourite game.

Bitcasino offers probably fair also. There are 27 games that are tested and approved by multiple companies. Players can select probably fairs games so that everyone has an equal chance of winning. The probably fair games include blackjack, roulette, poker, baccarat, and sic bo.

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Bonus and Promotional Offers

Bonus and promotional offers are the core part of any bitcoin casino. Many users choose a bitcoin casino solely based on bonuses and welcome packages. There are always some hidden terms and conditions for all bonus and promotional offers, let’s explore what Bitcasino offers.

Bitcasino gives a 100% matching bonus of up to 1000 mBTC (1 mBTC=0.001 BTC) on the first deposit. This is just like other bitcoin casinos available in the market. To claim the bonus users need to activate the bonus offer from my bonuses section. The player needs to wager 35 times to claim the bonus within 30 days.

Bitcasino also offers a 50% matching bonus of up to 1000 mBTC on the second deposit. The player needs to wager 30 times to claim the bonus within 30 days time period.

Customer Support

For all your problems regarding the games, terms, and conditions, free spins and bonus offer the support team is always ready. The support team is available 24/7 on live chat and email. If you have basic queries about the casino and games the live chat option is best. If you need help with account suspensation or withdrawal and deposit you can email them with screenshots. Players should read their FAQ section there are more chances that your questions get answers there.

Payment Methods

Bitcasino does not offer a wide range of payment methods. Bitcasino only accepts Bitcoin payments. The minimum deposit limit is 1 mBTC (0.001 BTC) and there is no limit for maximum deposit. The minimum withdrawal limit is 2 mBTC (0.002 BTC) and the maximum withdrawal limit is 50,000 mBTC (50 BTC) daily for each player.

Key Features

  • Wide Range of Slot Games
  • Sports Betting
  • 24/7 Live Support Available
  • Instant Deposit and Withdrawals

Along with all the advantages of Bitcasino, there is a major disadvantage. Bitcasino offers its services all across the globe but U.S and U.K players are not allowed to register an account and play games. Few game developers also ban some countries due to regulation issues.

16 Bitcoin Casinos for US Citizens

Due to the harsh rules of the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC), most of the Bitcoin casinos not allow U.S. citizens. To run a casino in the U.S is very hard. It needs a lot of paperwork and must ensure that the platform is probably fair enough for all players. Bitcoinik team has researched hard and found the best bitcoin casino for the U.S. players. Here is the best bitcoin casino for U.S players:

17 Bovada


Bovada was established in 2011. This is one of the casinos that accept Bitcoin payments and allows U.S citizens. Bovada Bitcoin casino is derived from Bodog Casino and under the disclosed ownership. Bovada is working with a revoked license from Kahnawake Gaming Commission.

Bovada team has more than 15-year experience in the online gambling market.

Gaming Experience

Bovada is not only a casino, but this is also a sports betting platform. Bovada sportsbooks offer more than 20 sports to bet on. Bovada also offers live betting on the ongoing sports match or tournament. The betting experience is very good and smooth. There is also a quick bet option, that ensures you will not miss anything in the live game betting.

Bovada casino games are developed and run by Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Betsoft software. The Bovada casino offers more than 250 games. The games are divided into table games, Blackjack, Slots, Video poker, etc.

Bovada also offers live dealer games that will give the players an offline experience. The live dealer section has 4 games: Blackjack, Roulette, Baccarat, and Super 6. The games are run and managed by a human dealer and the whole broadcast is shown live on the casino website.

Players can also tip the human dealer the same as offline casinos. There is a chat room where players can chat with the human dealer and other players as well.

Bonus and Promotional Packages

Bovada casino has multiple welcome bonus packages. The bonus packages are different for Bitcoin and other payment methods.

Bovada gives $3750 (in Bitcoin) for the casino club. Players need to deposit 3 three times to claim the bonus.

USE Bonus Code: BTCCWB1250 (first deposit)
and BTC2NDCWB (second and third deposits)

Bovada gives $750 (in Bitcoin) bonus to join the sports club. Use the code: BTCSWB750 on the first deposit to claim the bonus.

Bovada also has a referral program. You will get $25 for every successful referral. A successful referral means the player needs to join with your invitation code and deposit funds in the bitcoin casino wallet.

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Payment Methods

Bovada Casino accepts both fiat and Bitcoin payments. Bovada has a wide range of payment methods including Visa, Master Card, American Express, Gift Cards etc. User needs to complete the KYC (Know Your Customer) verification and must be older than 18 years to deposit via cards.

The minimum deposit limit for both fiat and Bitcoin is $20. The maximum deposit limit for fiat currency is $1500 for banking payment methods. The maximum deposit limit for Bitcoin is $5000. There is no KYC needed to deposit via Bitcoin.

Players can only withdrawal the currency that they deposited. If you deposit Bitcoin, you can only withdrawal in Bitcoin. The minimum withdrawal limit for Bitcoin is $10 and the maximum limit is $9500.

The minimum withdrawal limit for fiat currencies is $100 and the maximum limit is $3000. The confirmation may take 1 to 7 working days.

Customer Support

Bovada has a live chat option on the website. Users can also contact the support via email and phone call. The support is very responsive and you will get all your answers. Bitcoinik team has tested the live chat support multiple times with different queries and get the answers in no time.


  • Needs KYC
  • High Withdrawal Fees
  • Withdrawal Takes 1-7 Days



24VIP CASINO is very young in the bitcoin casino market as compared to the former once we have mentioned. 24VIP CASINO established in 2017 and in just 2 years that becomes one of the most popular casinos for U.S. citizens.

The website design is very simple as compared to other casino websites they have a lot of graphics and animation on the homepage. On the other hand, the 24VIP Casino website layout is very simple and the website is very fast and responsive.

Registration Process

24VIP Casino is licensed to provide its services in the U.S. so it required more information than other casinos out there. The registration process takes a couple of minutes. You will find the join now button on the homepage of the casino website. You can play with real money (Bitcoin, Fiat currencies) or just for fun on the website.

The registration process has 3 steps:

  • Enter your email, desired username, and type password
  • The next step will ask your name, phone number, and date of birth
  • The final step will ask your address, preferred currency, and security questions.

After completing all the 3 steps mentioned above, you get a confirmation email. Confirm your account via the link given in the email and you are good to go.

Gaming Experience

The game library is not as big as other casinos out there, but 24VIP Casino has all the popular games a gambling platform must-have. 24VIP Casino has more than 100 games including slot and table games. The table games have baccarat, blackjack, craps, poker, roulette and pai gow.

All the games of 24VIP casinos are developed and maintained by Rival Games software. Rival games not only develop games but also calculate the RNG and winning percentage. The casino has no control over the games because they are run by a trusted third party.

24VIP Casino offers the same gaming experience on mobile devices also. 24VIP Casino has applications for mobile, MAC and PC users. You will not find the whole game library on the application but it is very useful to play games on your mobile device or with a slow internet connection on your MAC or PC without any glitches.

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Payment Methods

24VIP casino accepts both cryptocurrencies and fiat payments. You will find almost all popular payment methods on the website. The casino supports a wide variety of banking payment methods including Visa, Mastercard, Paysafecard, Skrill, Neteller, or E-Wallet. 24VIP casino support fiat currencies (U.S. Dollar, Australian Dollar, British pounds, euros, South African rands) and Bitcoin.

Once you deposit your funds in the casino, all the funds are automatically converted into the U.S. dollar. The deposit confirmation time for bitcoin is around 10-20 minutes and fiat deposits take 1-3 working days depends on the selected payment method.

The withdrawal time is very high for both Bitcoin and fiat currencies. Fiat currencies withdrawal takes 2-5 working days. You may also need to wait up to 2 days to confirm your Bitcoin withdrawal.

Bonus and Promotional Packages

24VIP Casino offers a very attractive welcome bonus for all players. 24VIP casino gives a matching bonus of 275% up to $2750 on the first Bitcoin deposit. The first deposit bonus is available for all players and there is no minimum deposit limit to eligible for the bonus. Players need to wager 33 times to claim the bonus amount and cash out in their bank or bitcoin wallet.

Customer Support and Privacy

As we already mentioned 24VIP casino takes more personal information than other bitcoin casinos available in the market. All the private information of players such as name, address, date of birth and mobile number is encrypted by the 128-bit SSL encryption algorithm.

User’s privacy is given priority on the 24VIP casino and the website guarantees player that the personal information will not be shared with anyone.

24VIP Casino offers live chat and email support. To be honest the live chat support is not responsive and you need to wait for hours to get a reply from the live chat team. The email support will reply with 24 hours. This is a major disadvantage of 24VIP Casino. Other Bitcoin casino has a very good and responsive support team.

Key Features

  • Big Collection of Games
  • Supports Multiple Payment Methods
  • Supports U.S players
  • Good Bonus and Promotional Packages
  • High-Level Security
  • Mobile and Desktop Application


  • Live Chat Support is Not as Fast as Other Casinos
  • High Minimum Deposit Limit
  • High Withdrawal Fees
  • Withdrawal Takes 1-3 Days

19 How to Choose Best Bitcoin Casino

Is it Offer Probably Fair Games?

Either it is a physical casino or an online casino there is always a question is the house cheating on players? Most popular and reputed casinos don’t cheat on players for their profits (that’s why they are popular), but you may find that the house is not fair in unknown and small casinos.

A good casino knows that they can make a profit with low house edge and therefore popular among the players. Many casinos show the algorithm they are using on their website to convince players that they offer provably fair games. Nowadays many bitcoin casinos start using blockchain technology to run their whole system and make sure everything is visible and stored on the blockchain.

Many casinos use mathematical algorithms to find the result or winner of the game. The mathematic algorithm is publically visible on the website and anyone can check the fairness of games. If a casino is not showing how fair they are and what is the house edge it is very risky to play games on that casino.

The Bitcoin casino is Licensed and Regulated?

After checking that the casino is probably fair, the next step is to check is the bitcoin casino licensed and regulated by some trusted authorities? This is the next step to validate whether the casino is trustworthy or not.

If a casino has a license and regulated by any authority, you will find a link to the license in the footer section of the casino website. Players should check from which authority the casino gets a license. A casino has a license from the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) or the UK Gambling commission is more trustworthy and fair than a casino regulated from the Curacao eGaming license.

A licensed and regulated casino means if you find that the casino is using false methods and cheating to take your money, you can file a case against them to the registrar authority.

Most of the bitcoin casinos are registered under the Curacao eGaming license and does not provide adequate protection to the users. Getting a license from the SEC and UK Gambling Commission is very difficult and they put a lot of rules on the casino.

Payment Methods

Before making your mind to deposit your funds on any bitcoin casino, you should check the supported payment methods and currencies. Every Bitcoin casino accepts Bitcoin, most of the casinos also accepts popular cryptocurrencies like Ethereum (ETH), Litecoin (LTC), Dogecoin (DOGE), etc.

The user also needs to check the average confirmation time of deposit and withdrawals on the casino. If a casino takes a too long time to show your deposit in your account or takes a long time to process withdrawal that casino is not a good choice.

Each casino show this information on a different section. On some casino websites you will find the payment-related information in the FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) section. While some casinos have a dedicated webpage to explain all the payment methods and requirements.

Check these before choosing any casino:

  • Minimum Deposit and Withdrawal Amount
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Fees
  • Supported Payment Methods
  • Supported Cryptocurrencies
  • Deposit and Withdrawal Confirmation Time

Customer Support and Reviews

This is another way to check the trust and dedication of casino towards its users. The casino should have a good and responsive customer support team. You can check the response time of the support team without spending any penny. Just go to the casino website and open a ticket on the support section.

Popular Bitcoin casinos have multiple support channels such as email support, live chat, phone call and social media groups with team members ready to clear all your queries.

This is very important to decide on the casino you want to play games. If something goes wrong with your account deposit or withdrawal or you have some other issues the support team will help you. Bitcoinik team recommends you to choose a casino that has a live chat option.

20 Are Bitcoin Casinos Legal?

The legality of a Bitcoin Casino is determined by the country you are playing. The above-mentioned Bitcoin casinos are licensed and regulated by some authorities but still, they prohibit users from specified countries.

As we explained above bitcoin casinos provide anonymity and not do any KYC (Know Your Customer) and AML (Anti Money Laundering) verification. Users can also play games on the casino from a blocked region using VPN (Virtual Private Network) services. This is not a legal way of doing gambling on the casino website but no one will stop you to do that.

In the U.S it is legal to bet on online gambling platforms (48 states permit online gambling). However, most of the Bitcoin casinos not offer their services in the U.S and U.K due to their heavy taxes and harsh regulation rules.

21 Risk of Using Bitcoin Casinos

Hacking Risk

Bitcoin casinos do not have very high security and maybe hacked. The funds are stored in the casino wallets and if the casino wallet is compromised all the funds are gone. There are some bitcoin casinos that store their cryptocurrency assets into cold wallets but they need to connect the wallet to give withdrawal to users.

Your individual account may be hacked because of your mistake or casino mistake. There are very few bitcoin casinos that provide two-factor authentication (2FA) option.

Not Your Keys Not Your Coins


The popular bitcoin casinos show the algorithm they used to choose winner publically. Users can check the algorithm and manually check the output of the mathematical formula. But if you are playing on an unknown bitcoin casino that does not shows how fair their games are, there is a possibility that the bitcoin casino is cheating you and making a profit.

Afterall This is Gambling

The word gambling itself explains a lot. Gambling is just a prediction of the future events that might be right some time and goes the other way also. Whenever you choose a number or a card there is just a small probability of winning. Some reports mention that gambling is bad addiction and not end well for the players. No matter how good you are in gambling but if this is not your day you may lose all the earning in one day.

22 Conclusion

Bitcoinik team has researched and tested all the above-listed Bitcoin casinos. Gambling is very risky and you should only the amount you can afford to lose. Users should choose a Bitcoin casino that has fast payment confirmation, good welcome bonus packages, and a responsive support team. Avoid casinos that have bad reviews and gives an unbelievable bonus offers. You should research at your end to choose the best bitcoin casino available.

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NOTE: We prefer everyone to do your own research and do not follow blindly any source of information. We do not provide any financial advice for trading and investing anywhere, so we are not responsible for any loss or profit. Our main motive is to provide the best possible legit information to the readers, so our all provided content is for information purposes only.