Binance CEO meeting with Indian actor Sanjay Dutt

The CEO of Binance exchange did a meeting with a popular Indian actor. 

Changpeng Zhao is CEO of Binance exchange. Binance exchange is a top-level crypto exchange in the crypto industry. This exchange has its hand in multiple countries and also this exchange is popular for its pro-level crypto services with nominal fee cost. 

On 8 January, Sanjay Dutt- a popular Indian actor- posted a picture on Twitter. In the picture, Sanjay and Binance CEO Zhao standing together. 

Sanjay wrote that he hopes that he will meet with him again. 

The majority of the crypto users in the Indian community are now responding to this tweet. However, not many details were provided by Sanjay Dutt about this meeting. 

But people are guessing that Binance may hire Sanjay Dutt as brand ambassador or Binance owned popular Indian Wazirx exchange may get a new brand ambassador. 

Binance CEO didn’t shared yet about this meeting with Sanjay Dutt. But as we know that Binance CEO is a crypto businessman, so surely the meeting will be related to some kind of business. 

Binance CEO is not a bag holders 

Once in an interview, Binance’s CEO revealed that he doesn’t like crypto assets. He only owns Bitcoin and Binance coins. And the majority of the portfolio is because of the Binance coin. 

However, it was strange for the Binance CEO to not have multiple crypto assets because he is in connection with multiple crypto exchanges and multiple crypto projects, so how is this possible that he doesn’t own crypto assets other than Binance coin and Bitcoin. 

Besides all these things, the crypto community noted that Binance CEO is now more dominantly working to bring better communication with the regulators of different countries and also he is working to push the education about crypto in the non-crypto sector.

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