Binance will give a Master in Blockchain Degree in partnership with a school

Binance established a partnership with Nuclio Digital School to give awards in the degree to cryptocurrency and blockchain. 

Binance is a popular crypto exchange in the world, this exchange is popular for its pro-level crypto services in the world. In the past few years, Binance confirmed that there can be no competitor against Binance exchange services at low-cost trading fees and high innovations. Now Binance is moving toward crypto and blockchain education. 

To push the crypto, blockchain, and Bitcoin education to the next level, Binance, and Nuclio Digital School did a special kind of collaboration. Under the collaboration, both of these parties will provide better crypto and Blockchain education among students. And after the competition of the education, they will give a degree in blockchain and crypto education. 

Blockchain & Crypto education program 

Under this collaborative crypto education and blockchain education program, School will schedule 24 weeks in a total of 9 pack modules. 

As per the Handbook program’s first module plan, all the students who will participate in this education program will get education on the basics of Web 3, Bitcoin as a genesis, distributed ledgers, and consensus protocols. 

While in the second module, they will teach students about smart contracts, dApps, and cryptocurrencies while the third will go in-depth into the metaverse, Play2Earn, and DAOs.

The topic of payment tokens or assets will be covered in the fourth module. While fifth and sixth will cover centralized and Decentralized exchange. 

Besides all these things, All the participants will get education about shit coins, meme coins, rug pulls scams, and also many types of other Ponzi schemes of the Crypto industry. 

Under the 7th module, students will get an education that how they can get into blockchain and crypto to do business and how they can use blockchain in their businesses. 

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