Binance CEO warns Pepe token investors


Ahead of Pepe token listing planning, Binance CEO warned customers & suggested doing the research before investing in the meme coins.

Pepe token is nowadays a popular meme coin, which runs on the Ethereum blockchain. The total supply of this token is 420,690,000,000,000. There is no use case for this token & based upon the concept of  ‘Pepe, the Frog,’ which was created in the 2000s by Matt Furie. 

On 5 May 2023, the Binance crypto exchange confirmed trade support for Pepe token & Floki inu coin. 

Now, the Pepe token is trading at 44% higher than in the last 24 hours, on the Binance exchange.

Binance CEO warns Pepe token investors 1

On the same day, Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao (CZ) suggested people do research themselves, instead of investing in any crypto asset blindly on the Binance exchange. In short, CZ said that it is very risky to invest in meme coins.

Binance Pay Partners Yesim

Recently Binance Pay, a crypto payment subsidiary of Binance exchange, established a partnership with Yesim.

Under the partnership, all the Binance Pay users who purchase and activate an eSIM plan worth at least 10 EUR equivalent from Yesim with Binance Pay during the Promotion Period, will qualify to receive 2 EUR worth of additional data on the newly-purchased eSIM plan.

This offer will remain available during the promotion Period 2023-03-20 00:00 (UTC). 

Today Binance team released Binance Pay’s new plugin for the Woo Commerce platform users to integrate Binance Pay in their commercial websites to accept crypto payments easily.

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