Binance Launched B2B2C Cloud That Allows Users To Launch Own Crypto Exchange


World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance announced to launch the Binance Cloud platform that allows users to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange, reported on 17 February 2019.

As per the binance report, the Binance Cloud will provide an infrastructure solution to the users and partners in order to help them to launch their own cryptocurrency exchange by leveraging Binance’s industry-leading technology, security, and liquidity.

As a part of Binance’s Open Platform initiative to enable more crypto access globally, Binance Cloud supports its customers and global partners with a complete turn-key exchange platform solution, consolidating the new financial infrastructure to an open platform based on blockchain technology,

– CZ (Changpeng Zhao), CEO of Binance

All the core functionalities of the Binance global exchange such as matching engine, trading risk controls and big data security system, to the market depth and liquidity, will be used by the Binance Cloud platform in order to build the exchanges of its customers or partners.

The binance cloud also provides features that include spot market and futures trading, as well as local bank API integrations and peer-to-peer (P2P) fiat-to-crypto currency exchange services in the development of the cryptocurrency exchange of its customers or partners.

Binance also reported that the more features will be added in the future in the Binance Cloud such as staking and OTC (over-the-counter) trading services, as well as token launch capabilities via an IEO (initial exchange offering) platform.

The Binance Cloud will launch the first cryptocurrency exchange in early March 2020 as per the binance report.

Recently, cryptocurrency exchange Binance now allowed its users to buy cryptocurrencies directly with 15 Fiat currencies via visa and MasterCard on Simplex,

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