Weekly Crypto Report (10-16 Feb 2020) | What Happened This Week in Crypto


Here you will know about the weekly crypto report of last week regarding bitcoin and other cryptocurrency events happened all around the world

1 Binance Allows Users To Buy Crypto With 15 Fiat Currencies

World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance now allowed its users to buy cryptocurrencies directly with 15 Fiat currencies via visa and MasterCard on Simplex, reported on 14 February 2020. As per the binance report, the following 15 fiat currencies are enabled to buy crypto directly from their exchange platform: Pound sterling (GBP), South Korean won (KRW), Russian ruble

2 Bitcoin Price Prediction – Pump or Dump?

Bitcoin noted more than 40% gains since 1 January 2020 and looking unstoppable. Today Bitcoin made a yearly high of $10,500 and it seems like it gets some resistance, the bitcoin price is dumped very hard from the $10,500 and there was a lot of selling happens. The total crypto market crossed the $300 billion

3 Binance Is Lagging Hard, Is This Another Hack?

The World’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Binance is lagging hard today after Bitcoin dump 3% and traders facing problem in trading the pairs due to lagging. There was no response from Binance team until 3 hours and all users struggled hard in trading and some also starting the FUD as Binance Exit Scam due to fear

4 Coinbase Has Started Margin Trading Again

Coinbase one of the leading cryptocurrency exchange and one of the best exchanges to buy Bitcoin in the US just announced to launch its margin trading again. Coinbase announced that some selected users can get early access to the margin trading starting from Wednesday. Coinbase has halted all margin trading back in 2017 after the 

5 Google Cloud is Working With Hedra Hashgraph (HBAR)

Google Cloud has announced that it is working with the Hedra Hashgraph (HBAR) cryptocurrency. The HBAR coin has already reacted to this news and gained around 75% in just 30 minutes. The cryptocurrency community is very happy that big platforms like Google start using technology. HBAR is not the first cryptocurrency that Google announced to

6 Bitfinex Will Perform a System Upgrade On 11th February (10:00 AM UTC)

The world’s largest cryptocurrency exchange Bitfinex will perform a system upgrade on Tuesday, February 11th, reported on 11 February 2019. According to the report, The Bitfinex exchange will perform a system upgrade in order to enhance the stability and scalability of the iFinex infrastructure. This upgrade will occur at 10:00 AM UTC and all the exchange

7 BitGo Launched Regulated Crypto Custodies In Two More Countries Of Europe

 The United States-based digital asset financial service firm BitGo launched the regulated crypto custody in the two more countries of Europe, reported on 10 February 2020. According to the report, BitGo established the cryptocurrencies custody solutions in Germany and Switzerland regulated by different financial authorities.  “Switzerland and Germany have both become important European centers

8 An Anonymous Group Of Developers Has Relayed Some Feedback On Taproot/Graftroot To The Bitcoin Development Mailing List

An anonymous group of developers has relayed some feedback on taproot/graftroot to the bitcoin development mailing list, reported on 10 February 2020. The dropped the three messages with subjects “Taproot (and Graftroot) Complexity“, “An Alternative Deployment Path for Taproot Technologies” and “Taproot Public NUMS Optimization“, you can read these messages by visiting following links