Binance seeks Twitter help against spammers


Binance exchange reported about the multiple accounts of Binance chief executive officer Changpeng Zhao.

Binance is a popular crypto exchange, which is standing at the first rank in the crypto industry in terms of 24 hours trade volume. Due to the better position of this exchange, exchange founder Changpeng Zhao always remains engaged to help & lead the other crypto platforms & also helps to push crypto education in the world. Few bad actors are trying to take advantage of the popularity of Binance CEO Zhao, to deceive innocent people & make money easily.

On 5 September, Tesla CEO Elon Musk tweeted against fake tweet comments, which were commented by fake Twitter bot accounts of fake Binance CEO. 

Elon said 90% of the comments under his tweets done by bots. 

The official Twitter account of the Binance exchange responded and tagged the Twitter company to help the exchange from huge numbers of fake Binance founder accounts on Twitter.

Now it will be interesting to see, whether Twitter will take any strict action against these bot accounts, which are spamming & misleading the actual followers of the Binance exchange & its CEO or not.

Elon Musk & Twitter buy deal 

On 14 April, Elon announced his Twitter platform buy deal for $54 per share of the Twitter company but later within a few months Tesla CEO himself rejected the idea to buy Twitter.

The Twitter company filed a legal case against Elon. Twitter claimed that Elon tried to violate the Twitter buy contract deal and also degrade the reputation of Twitter. In response, Tesla’s CEO said that there are lots of bot accounts on Twitter and Twitter is not willing to give a full data report about the total numbers of Bot & Real Twitter accounts.

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