Binance welcome forensic expert as a new director of investigation

Binance exchanged hired a new director for the Binance exchange operations. The new director is Aron Akbiyikian. 

In this year, Binance exchange faced many scruinities issues from the regulators of different countries. So Binance decided to hire high profile experts, who can easily fight against the raised issues and also can provide better custody for their users with high security. Now Binance hired a former detective of digital social media 

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On 10 September, Binance announced the hiring of Aron Akbiyikian to its Audit and Investigations team. 

Aron Akbiyikian is an expert forensic analyst of digital media. Aron has working experience on Chainalysis. In the past he worked as an investigations manager at blockchain firm Chainalysis. Aron also worked as detective in Mariposa County, California to investigate cybercrime and financial crimes. Aron also has working experience for the public sector in TRM Labs to help the organisation to detect frauds and financial crimes.

Now, at new position at Binance, Aron will keep full attention over the bad actors and will ensure the security of the Binance Exchange. 

Experience of Aron can be estimated through his working experience at the Chainalysis firm, where he worked for around 10 years. And also involved to bust the cases of Darknet where illicit activities, child exploitation and illegal material for bitcoin were available. 

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