Russian Police Arrest 2 Women in Finiko Crypto Pyramid Scam case

Russian Police, currently working on the Finiko scheme case and from time to time detaining new suspects, who were involved in the crypto pyramid scheme. 

According to reports, Russian police arrested two other main suspects, which are two woman, in Kazan, Tatarstan’s capital city. 

These two women are Lilia Nurieva (founder of a real estate agency),  joined Finiko crypto Ponzi scheme, and Dina Gabdullina was playing a vital role at the position of Finiko executive. Now these two women are under the custody of investigators and they are questioning about this scam by investigators more deeply, so that they can catch all possible suspects, who were involved in this scam.

Russian Police Arrest 2 Women in Finiko Crypto Pyramid Scam case 1
Dina Gabdullina and Lilia Nurieva. Source: social media.

These two womens participated as members to promote the scam at a high level. Both of these detainees managed around $10 million of Investment from the victims through pyramid scheme. Now the charge against these two detainees is for the operating crime group from Dec. 1, 2018 and July 28, 2021.

Finiko founder Kirill Doronin is already arrested and these women were following Finiko founder on instagram and also involved in other ponzi schemes and promoting them as a social media influencer. 

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Ilgiz Shakirov was given the vice president position in Finiko because she managed around 100,000 Investors to join the platform. 

At Thursday ‘s hearing, the Vakhitovsky court of Kazan decided to keep these two detainees under detention until 7 November. 

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