Shiba inu project team will launch Shibarium, Layer 2 solution


Dogecoin’s rival Shiba inu is now planning to create a high-level scaling solution for the Shiba community. 

The journey of the Shiba inu token is now going toward another level. Shiba was started with the no-use case and also grabbed popularity in the crypto industry because of Tesla CEO Elon Musk’s shout-out. After huge ups and downs, Shiba is moving to create its own blockchain network. 

Leader developer in Shiba inu project team, Eric M, revealed in a question and answer discussion on Discord that the Shiba inu project team will launch Layer2 scaling solution in the future. 

However, the developers didn’t reveal the date or any other details about it but he ensured that it will happen in the future. 

 Shibarium Solution: Layer 2 scaling solution) 

Probably, Eric talked about the Shibarium solution, which came into origin after the Medium blog post of Shiba inu token founder Ryoshi in May 2021. 

Through the blog post, Ryoshi said that there are high fees charged on the Ethereum network and Shiba users are paying very high fees. So the team will launch a Shibarium solution to bring faster transactions, full governance, and an eco-friendly blockchain for the network. 

“Who is going to build this? Well, I have already spoken to a very competent blockchain team who has volunteered to build and fully decentralize this for the Shiba ecosystem…There can never be a single source of failure or any admin – it must always be donated to the Shiba god of decentralization.”

In the ongoing popularity and attention, the Shiba inu team is also planning to launch its own decentralized Stablecoin SHI. Ryoshi ensured that SHI will be a global stablecoin and also will be best to store the values. 

Besides the SHI coin, the team will use the BONE token as a primary token on the Shibarium network. And the main reason for the new coin is, BONE will start with zero and there will be no question on whales or bagholders for this coin. And there is no tension about LEASH and SHIBA holders to get Yield in BONE. 

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