Bitcoin And Crypto Will be Taught In High Schools Of France


Bitcoin and Crypto will be taught in the high schools of France as per the new education model introduced by the government, reported on 02 November 2019.

In June, In order to incorporate the world’s largest cryptocurrency, the French Ministry of National Education amended its plan on education in France. The teachers of French are expected to teach an introductory course on bitcoin and cryptocurrency that will helpful for students in order to understand the effects of Bitcoin on the French and global economies.

As per the outline of ministry, the Bitcoin will be compared with fiat currencies as well by the students by which they can understand the basic knowledge about Bitcoin, cryptocurrencies, and its role in the traditional financial world.

Before this bitcoin and cryptocurrency courses already taught in the college and universities of France already. Now students will also learn the basics of bitcoin and crypto in high schools as well.

On the 11th of April, a new Bill Introduced in France allows the French insurance markets to freely invest in Cryptocurrency

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