Telegram Launched Test Gram Wallet Without SEC Approval


The encrypted peer to peer messaging application Telegram has launched the test wallet for its native cryptocurrency GRAM token.

Telegram has launched the wallet for Windows, iOS and Linux users. Users can download the gram wallet from the official website. The wallet works on the Telegram Open Network (TON) blockchain.

Telegram Launched Test Gram Wallet Without SEC Approval 1

After installing the wallet users need to save the 24 recovery seed words and set a password to use the wallet for sending and receiving Gram tokens. Telegrams states to users:

“Now you have a wallet only you control – directly, without middlemen or bankers”

Telegram also launched a testton bot. The bot will ask about your gram wallet address and will send you 5 to 20 Gram tokens for testing. The test transactions take less than a minute but will take a longer time if the bot has a lot of traffic.

gram wallet

Telegram has concluded the private sale of Gram tokens in Early 2018. Telegram has raised a total of $1.7 billion in two private sale rounds. Initially, the telegram has scheduled to launch the gram tokens before 31 October but SEC halts the launch. Telegram has launched the testnet block explorer and node software for the public in September.

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